Opening Statement

Being a lawyer, I thought this would be a fitting title for my first blog post.

I began reading blogs about a year ago, and I have really gotten into it!  There are a couple of blogs that I follow on a regular basis and a few others that I check in on once in a while.  What I get from these blogs is this:  a refreshing outlook on life.  Sometimes it's great to hear what people (even if they are complete strangers) have to say about X, Y or Z.  It really forces you to open up your mind and to think about things in a new framework that you may have never thought of before.

For me, I hope blogging will allow me to commemorate the beginning of my life as a wife and a family of two.  For you, I hope that my blog will inspire you, introduce you to new things and at the least, just be something enjoyable for you to read.    

If you're interested in cooking at home, eating great food, discovering new restaurants, drinking smooth wine, reading good books, exploring the D, and navigating marriage, then I think you will enjoy this blog.

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