"I had a good day"

When you hear a 4 year old say that, it just makes you feel so good inside! 

On Thursday we had our nephew Saverio overnight.  We took him to Build-A-Bear that afternoon for his birthday gift.  He built a super cute bear that he named "Car" on the way to the mall, and that later developed to "Car-Car" by the time that we made him and his birth certificate.  Here he is with his dad, Saverio after getting a bath.

This is a tradition with the nieces and nephews that we're hoping to continue.  We took Ava to Build-A-Bear when she was 3.  Here's here and her bear, Teddi, almost 2 years ago!

She still loves Teddi to this day!  Hopefully Saverio's love for Car-Car will sustain.

On Friday, we took Saverio to ride the People Mover because he loves trains.  We had taken him on it before, and he actually requested it:  "How about we go ride the 'crain' with no wheels?"  That's the People Mover.  So we did and he loved it.  So did Car-Car.

Then we went to Zeff's in Eastern Market for lunch.  Saverio loves him some chicken sandwiches, so he and I split one with "prench pries" as he calls them.  The chicken sandwich was actually really good--better than your average chicken sandwich.  And actually, we also had a chicken sandwich, per Saverio's request, at Gormet Grille in Somerset the day before, and it was also really good.  It had a super crunchy and crisp batter.  Somewhat reminded me of the breading from the chicken tenders at Sweet Water Tavern, which are my favorite!  If you're ever in Somerset and want a snack, get that sandwich.  

After lunch, we got ice cream from Mootown Creamery, which is right next door to Zeff's in Eastern Market.  It just opened up, and we have been wanting to try it out.  It was pretty good.  Me and Saverio had superman ice cream and Aless had chocolate.   

Afterward, we went home to pack Saverio's bags and get him ready to return home.  We asked him if he had fun with us and he said, "I had a good day."  It was the cutest thing, and it made us feel good that he enjoyed himself and his 4th birthday outing with Auntie and Uncle. 

Next up for Build-A-Bear:  CJ when he turns 4 in December.  [We take boys at 4 and girls at 3 since girls seem to mature faster than boys]  : )

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