Indian Village

Detroit has some pretty amazing neighborhoods.  On our way to the Grosse Pointe Trader Joe's yesterday (for all the awesome neighborhoods, there is a real lack of grocery store options), we took a detour through the Indian Village neighborhood, right off of Jefferson.  Holy schnataldoodles, we loved what we saw!  The houses were so huge, had such great character and the blocks were spacious and beautiful.  Here are some of the sites.

We also saw the house where The White Stripes' Jack White used to live:

Here are some pics of the inside that Alessandro found online.

I've been saying lately that I either want to live in the country, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, or in the city in the middle of everything.  At this moment, my life goal is to live in one of these characteristic houses in Indian Village. 

That reminds me...last week we were in Chicago and I mentioned how I would love to live in Wrigleyville in the Cosby-type homes around that neighborhood.  Then everyone rained on my parade and said that the Cosby Show took place in New York, not Chicago.  Pshh.  It reminded me of in Cool Runnings when Yule Brenner pulled out a picture of a mansion and said he was going to live there one day.  Then Sanka told him that it was Buckingham Palace and that he had no shot of living there.  Yule's dreams were crushed, just like mine.  But then Junior, what a good friend, told him he could live anywhere he wanted.  No one told me that though.  Psh again.

Where do you dream of living?  And do you think it is attainable? 

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  1. Anonymous5/21/2011

    Mod: You can live ANYWHERE you want. I love, love, LOVE you for loving Cool Runnings. That's something we'll always share. Rich & I went to Jamaica on our honeymoon, and all I wanted in the weeks before was to watch that darn movie. Well, I never got to watch the movie. The honeymoon (for the most part) came and went, then lo and behold, on the shuttle bus back to the airport, they showed COOL RUNNINGS! I was in my own personal Heaven! I even participated in the slow clap at the end as they carry the sled across the finish line! -- KP