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I am really sick of umbrellas that flip inside out when it's windy out!  In fact, the other day, I told Alessandro and our friend Kate, who both are aspiring inventors of the next big thing, that they needed to invent an umbrella that did not turn inside out in the wind.  This is a real problem for me, especially considering that I walk to and from work everyday, which means that I am bound to experience rain and  strong wind every now and then.  Today was one of those days.  And now, here's the current status of my umbrella:

It didn't make it.  But that should really be a thing of the past now that I found this awesome umbrella.

And now Alessandro and Kate are off the hook because it already exists!  I really really want it! (Add that to the list of the other million things I want).  It is impossible for this bad boy to turn inside out and that is exactly what I need.  (Now I need it).  It's made by a European company called senz°, and I don't think it's sold in the US, but you can get it online and it costs $86 USD. 

If you're really not convinced that this umbrella is legit, watch this video where the senz° umbrella is put to the test in a wind tunnel demonstration.  It's probably the coolest thing ever.  And then if you're still skeptical, check out the video on the bottom right of this page titled, "Japanese windtunnel test." 

And not to mention, it looks pretty stylish too.  If I do get it one of these days, I will be sure to let you know how it holds up!  

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