Tan Alessandro

Today was one of those days when I stopped and thought about how lucky I was to be married to my sweet sweet husband.  (I have to admit that with the hustle and bustle of each day, that thought--no matter how true--does not run through my mind every single day; or if it does, I don't stop and take the time to appreciate the thought).  But today I did.  

After work, I was super tired, had a bit of a headache, didn't feel like making dinner or working out, and the wind was so strong on my walk home that I started to get an earache.  Typically when I come home from work, I always like to unpack my backpack, clean up a bit, go online, etc.  But today, I literally walked right in and laid down in bed.  Alessandro had the day off, so he was already home, which is an unusual occurrence.  We both just laid in bed and talked about our day; and it was only 5:30!  

I especially enjoyed talking to him because his cheeks are nice and tan from the Walk, (which makes him even more handsome than usual) and his eyes looked extra pretty.  (His eyes are actually hazel, even though he's always thought they were brown; clearly no one has studied his appearance as I have).  

In our wedding vows, one of the things I said to him was that "I love you because nothing feels real if I haven't shared it with you."  And as I laid in bed, in the middle of the day today, I thought of that vow, and I was glad that it was still how I felt.  

Actually, I think the only vow that hasn't held up is that vow I made to iron his work clothes; oops!  I mean I do, just not with the frequency that I probably should.  And for all you strong, independent and sane women out there who are vomitting right now because of that previous statement, all I have to say to you is:  if you were to see how badly and with such incoordination Alessandro approaches ironing, and how dangerous he looks standing off-balance next to a hot iron, you would be volunteering to iron as well.  

Anyway, tan Alessandro suggested we get Mikey D's so that we didn't have to cook and clean-up (and since we forgot to unthaw the chicken for our planned dinner), so we did.  When we got back from McDonald's and were heading back to our apartment, all I could think was that I'm very grateful that I have Alessandro to share my chicken nuggets with.  (But not my fries, because I share fries with no one). 

Even though, as I'm writing this, he just said in a non-serious annoying tone, "Didn't you say you were going to bring me some strawberries?  Geez."   But then he turned his head and saw that I had already put a plate of chocolate covered strawberries that I just made on the side table next to the couch for him.  (Cause you have to have a gourmet dessert after such a gourmet dinner).  He's so spoiled!  But he deserves it.  (Sometimes). 

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