Who wants to join my Bike Club?

Riding my bike around the D has been one of the most enjoyable activities I have been able to partake in since moving Downtown last year.  The proof is in these beautiful scenes and artwork that I have captured along the rides.  

Sometimes I have to force myself not to stop to take pics because it defeats the purpose of riding, but I am not one to miss a photo op.

I wanted to take my love of bike riding one step further this summer by organizing a very informal "Bike Club."  Basically, my thoughts are that if when the weather gets consistently nicer, I'd like our Bike Club to cruise twice a week.  (The dates will depend on who wants to bike and can be as flexible as we'd like).  We will pick a different cruising route and destination each day, such as the Riverfront, Belle Isle, Woodbrige, etc. 

How it will work is that anyone interested in biking will meet at my place.  Hopefully you have an SUV or a bike rack attached to your car, or you already live downtown so that getting your bike to our meeting place won't be a problem.  (And we can always change the meeting place depending on where our destination is).  We will choose a time that is convenient for people wanting to attend.  Because we'd need to make sure we aren't out riding too late (where a lack of light can mean safety issues in a variety of forms), I was thinking we would start at 7:00 at the latest.  (Ideally I'd like to start at 5:30ish, but if that's impossible with someone's work schedule, then like I said, we'll work it out).  And we can always attempt to schedule the Bike Club for at least one day on the weekend so that everyone will have a chance to partake.

Now the forecast for this week and a peek into next week does not look promising. 

But it looks like we could tentatively schedule something for this Friday if anyone is interested.  (Saturday's out because I'll be attending Race for the Cure w/ my bestie, then trying out a pottery class in Ann Arbor, then heading back to the D for a concert w/ said bestie; so it's a bit of a busy day). 

If anyone out there reading is interested in the Bike Club, let me know either through a comment or email.  Once I have information on people who are interested, I will prepare some type of a schedule so that we can all have some consistency in our lives.  If you can bike this Friday, also let me know so we can get the party started! 

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a bike riding extremist.  I have never biked marathon-type distances, and don't intend to!  This Bike Club is not intended to be an endurance building exercise.  It's purely to do something different, to get some fresh air and to explore the D like you've never done before.


  1. Hi "moves in circles" blogger! I am very interested in joining the bike club. I don't get out of work until 6 Mon, Wed and Fri, Thursdays I get out at 5. I can meet 30 mins after I get out. I am not available on Tuesdays but am on most weekends. I will keep posted on your blog for the dates and times. And I am available this Friday, hopefully I am able to part take at least once a week. On a different note I made a reservation to Angelinas wine tasting for the 25th, hope to see you there.


  2. Hey Monica! Thanks for letting me know your schedule. CAB's gonna be mad you didn't mention Zumba on Thursdays, but don't worry...I remembered. We're on for this Friday as a trial. I'll contact you with details.

  3. I like to bike! Scott has a bike rack for the car, can we join?

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