Anniversary Traditions

Alessandro and I decided that we did not want to get in the habit of exchanging gifts on our wedding anniversary each year.  We already buy each other tons of gifts for Christmas and Birthdays, so there was no need for another reason to blow our budget.  Instead, we thought it would be nice if we would write each other an anniversary letter.

I woke up on our anniversary to see this on the kitchen table: 

Along with his letter to me, Alessandro got me a white orchid, which is what I bought him for his wedding gift last year, which made it extra special.  He hid it from me for a couple of days in our closet.  Last year, before our wedding, I hid his orchid kind of in plain sight in our bedroom because I knew he still wouldn't notice it : ) And he didn't.  Men. 

In addition to the letter I wrote him this year, I also surprised him with a binder I threw together of mementos from our first year of marriage. 

It was really easy to make.  (It's the lazy person's scrapbook).  I bought the binder and some clear cover pages from Target.  I gathered everything I could get my hands on from our first year, such as little love notes, emails, ticket stubs, cards and a few pics.  The gathering part was pretty easy considering that Alessandro and I both keep bags by the side of our bed where we stash mementos from things we do and notes we write to each other.  So I just raided those bags and found most of the things that eventually ended up in the binder.  I then organized the mementos in chronological order and started taping them to cardstock using roll-on tape.

Here's our first grocery bill...

Tickets from our last few Tiger games while living in sin...  


Our wedding invitation and a few pics...

A couple of notes and emails...

And my letter to him was in the back of the book...

Also in the book were:
  • Notes that Alessandro wrote after his wisdom teeth extraction when he couldn't talk.  Some of the noteworthy writings were:  "Don't get high on your own supply," "What if I can't open my mouth," "Please don't make me laugh," "I feel like Sherman Klump w/ my lip," and "Remember to not make me laugh."  
  • Passport photos gone wrong.  The pics of us are too shockingly ugly to go public. 
  • A card that I got for Alessandro on his birthday back in 2005 before we were dating, but after I was in love with him.  
  • And a piece of Sears receipt paper that he saved with my phone number on it from way back in the day.  

A while back we also thought it would be cool for our anniversary to go back to the spot where we took some of our wedding pictures and re-create the photo.  Here's what we got: 

Our Wedding Day:  June 27, 2010
Our One Year Anniversary:  June 27, 2011

Our Wedding Day:  June 27, 2010

Our One Year Anniversary:  June 27, 2011

We thought they turned out pretty cool!  To take these anniversary pictures, I propped my camera up on the hood of our car (very high tech I know) and set the self-timer.  We thought about doing some pics at the river where our wedding ceremony was held but didn't want to get too out of hand. 

Our anniversary ended with fireworks.  Literally.  We went to the VIP Rooftop Party for the Target Fireworks put on by my BFF and her crew at The Parade Company.

It was an amazing show, and a perfect way to cap off our anniversary night. 

Anyone have any special wedding anniversary traditions?  Or see the beautiful fireworks show last night? 

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