Bike Club: Weeks 2 and 3

Week 2 of Bike Club was great.  Another ride to Belle Isle via the Dequindre Cut and the Riverfront.  We didn't go around the island because we were concerned there was too much traffic in the evening after work, so maybe that will be a weekend morning route. 

Bike Club's biggest outing was in Week 3.  We had 5 riders.  So we were a real Bike Club!  We first traveled to the New Center area.  Jazz in the park would have been going on, but it was canceled early in the day due to the weather, which turned out to be beautiful.  We really liked the area by Wayne on Second Street.  It was so quiet and clean and pretty.  A fun route to bike.  

We tried to cruise the Boston-Edison District, but could not find it.  None of us had ever been to that area before, and I only glanced at a map minutes before we left.  I kept saying it was "up and left" of New Center, but after going up and left and finding ourselves in potentially shady territories, we decided to head back.  Just yesterday, a veteran member of Bike Club told me that she ended up visiting the Boston-Edison District after our failed attempt, so next time, we'll at least have a better idea of where we're going.

On our way back, we stopped in front of the Motown Museum and got a pic.  Go Hitsville USA and Go Bike Club!

Pic courtesy of Monica

We also worked on our hand signals because safety's first folks!  We had signals for right, left, sort of to the right, veer left, stop, bump and CAR!  I may or may not have screamed these things a few times and shrieked out of pure panic, but other than that, I think we did great with our signals.  I found a YouTube video online about the proper use of hand signals and shared that with the members of BC.

Let's just say we were a little off.  But it's something we can work on.  I also found this diagram, which totally blows my mind.

Anyone have any idea what "Alternate Right Turn" means?  I just cannot wrap my head around it. 

Anyone else want to join Bike Club?  We may be accepting applications.

P.S.  Thanks to Patrick, Monica, Alesia, and Tia Lu-Lu for biking it up these past weeks.

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