Breakfast in the D: La Dolce Vita

Our plan for this past weekend was to go out and have a nice romantic dinner since we haven't done that in a while.  But, our plans went askew when we accidentally had too much chicken shawarma from Country Chicken in Dearborn for lunch.  I ate basically an entire tub full of garlic sauce.  Is that bad?

We thought maybe we'd be ready for a late dinner at 8ish, but by that time our stomachs were still full.  So instead, we treated ourselves to Sunday brunch at La Dolce Vita.

It was our first time at LDV and certainly won't be the last.  It was such a wonderful experience.

A couple of tips/observations:  maybe use a GPS to get there--it's a bit hidden; and know that the parking in their back lot is mandatory valet for a reasonable $2 (so make sure you have cash or else you'll have to find parking on the street).

The service was great and the food was better.  (Actually, they were even).

Right off the bat I noticed that the coffee was cinnamon-y.  Alessandro didn't believe me, but then we heard someone ask for non-cinnamon-y coffee, so it was Me: 1, Al: 0.  


It was kind of breezy and cool the day we went, so we didn't sit outside, but the patio looked pretty cool.

Some of the staff was in PJ's because I think I overheard that they do that on the second Sunday of every month.  We loved the Tiger pants.  Takes a real man to wear those bad boys to work.

 Alessandro ordered the shrimp benedict...

and I had the quiche of the day, which was asparagus and parmesean.  

We ordered a side of black forest ham to share.  Had to have some breakfast meat.

We loved that the portions were manageable; we both cleared our plates and still felt good about life.  Not over-stuffed or anything. 

Alessandro even ate the orange.

And obligatory shot of us.

Overall, great experience.  We're looking forward to more brunches there, and also keeping it in mind for our next romantic dinner out.

Anyone else have any LDV stories?  Recommendations on dishes?  Brunch or dinner?  We'd love to hear.

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