Breakfast in the D: Woodbridge Pub

Al and I had breakfast at Woodbridge Pub the other day.  What I love about Woodbridge Pub is its ambiance (which is artsy, cozy, and green), the workers (who are hip and eclectic) and of course, the food (which is fresh and often-times local).  

They have the best Angus burger served on ciabatta, which Alessandro and I often crave.   And they also have $10 bottles of wine on Saturdays, which we have partaken in a few times.  They have tons of other specials and events (like trivia!) throughout the week that we have put on our To-Do List.  

So back to the breakfast.  Alessandro had corn beef hash...

And I had brioche french toast with lemon curd...

Alessandro had a side of berry compote and I had a side of sausage patties (I'm a link person, but they were out).  

We had a really good breakfast and enjoyed ourselves immensely. 

I know my write-ups of these Detroit eateries might sound like paid advertisements sometimes, but I assure you these are just my honest thoughts.  Plus, I probably won't write about places I do not enjoy, like Anchor Bar or Bookies, because I don't want to waste my energy on them and thinking about them will make me angry.  

So back to happy thoughts--Woodbridge Pub.  We always leave satisfied and kind of inspired.  (I think it's the art and the style). 

Who wants to try it if you haven't already? 

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