The Heat is On! Uh Oh.

One thing that does not agree with Alessandro's multiple sclerosis is HEAT.  Sucks for him that it was 90 degrees for the past couple of days. 

When Alessandro is over-heated, his body shuts down even more than normal.  Walking becomes twice as slow and ten times as hard. 

The pool at our apartment opened this past holiday weekend, so we made plans to swim yesterday after work.  But by the time Alessandro came home from work, he was not moving well at all.  We knew we wanted to get down to the pool, but he needed to rest before even thinking about making the trek (which is not a trek at all).  

Eventually we headed to the pool and it was painful--not for him, but for me!  We moved at a snails pace, had a couple of near trips and my wrist was hurting from all of the pressure he was putting on it for balance.  He even said to me, "Please don't let me go."  You get the picture--he was struggling.  (And speaking of  "struggling," anytime that word is said in front of Alessandro, he immediately does an imitation of this video).  

But finally, we got there and Alessandro got right in.  The water is a much safer place for Al than hard ground.  

We both "swam" a couple of laps.  Swam is in quotes because while Alessandro is a very good swimmer, I am not.  I just move and try to stay above water.  Alessandro went through a few of the swimming exercises with me that we do every time we're in water, which consists of me trying to go under water without plugging my nose, treading water and working on my form. I didn't do very good.  But it was fun. 

When we were done swimming, Alessandro got out of the water as a new man.  He was walking so much better and even started walking back to the apartment without me!  I had to tell him to wait up.  We were so surprised by how much the heat could bring him down, but then how quickly he was able to bounce back.  We are hesitant to believe that this will always be the case after a good over-heating, but will enjoy it while we can. 

(Here's a view of our pool, which was taken last year at our Apartment's Pool Party). 

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