"I remember the first letter. I remember the first date."

On June 27th, Alessandro and I will be celebrating our one year wedding anniversary. 

It's easy for one to forget all of the wonderful lyrics in this jam because the chorus is so commanding, but there really are some gems in there.  My all-time favorite lyric is:  "Victoria won't be no secret at the end of the day, it's our anniversary."  Classic romance. 

I was going to share a video of our wedding, but we started watching it to make sure it wasn't too embarrassing and discovered that it really was too embarrassing to share.  So I'm not going to post it.  I mean (a) our wedding officiant was slightly janky, (b) we both ended up crying during our vows and (c) what an overall uncomfortable event that was!

Now I know most people wouldn't describe their wedding ceremony as "uncomfortable," but I'm not scerred.  Neither one of us liked the idea of "all eyes on us" at our wedding, which is why we opted for a very low key and very short (the entire thing, including our vows was 10 minutes long) ceremony.  And we're both very private people.  (I'm completely stepping out of my comfort zone in publicizing anything about our life with this blog, but I think the memories will be worth it). 

We both wanted our wedding vows to be personal and special to us and to truly reflect our love for each other, so we always knew we would write our own.  We just didn't know if we would actually feel comfortable enough to read them aloud.  So it was with great trepidation that we spilled our guts and discussed one of the most sacred and personal things we have (our love) with our friends and family. 

Even though I couldn't share our wedding video, I will share our written vows: 

Alessandro's vows.  The last line read:  "I will love you always and forever."  This is a scan of the exact paper we used, and Alessandro said he didn't need me to fix the error because he could remember that last part : )

Embarrassing photo.

My vows.

Embarrassing photo.

I love that I was able to reference The Hills Have Eyes, Brandon Inge, Rick Flair, a vendor at Comerica Park and our fish (may he rest in peace) during one of the most significant times in our life. 

(Disclaimer:  We are not Inge fans; if you missed the reference in the vows it is because Inge cried like a baby when he was moved from 3rd base to catch because it apparently affected his at-bats.  What's your excuse now buddy?  You've been at 3rd this entire season, but only batted .211 before being conveniently struck with mono only to be sent down to triple A on a rehab assignment.  Psh)

Back to the subject at hand:  We were happy with our vows and with our wedding, even though we're glad that's over!  See how happy we were!

Now onto year two of marriage.  I'm sure it will be filled with many more adventures. 

Did anyone else out there write their own vows?  Does anyone want to bribe me with cash-money-records in order to see the wedding video? 

In case you're interested, more wedding pictures can be found on flickr


  1. Anonymous6/27/2011

    Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversaryy, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, (me singing to you both) What a special day and 2 think all of Detroit will also b celebrating this special day.

    May God continual 2 BLESS both of you for Many many many years........

    1 year - now that's what I'm talking about

    Thanks for sharing such WONDERFUL Memories.

    Enjoy your day and have ton's of FUN.

    "HHHHHEEEEELLLLLOOOOO" Hooooow uuuuuu doinnnnnn

    Love and HAppiness
    Tia LuLu

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