Summer Bucket List

Do you have a Summer Bucket List?  What are some of the things you want to do this Summer?

Here are the goals that Al and I have planned for these oh-so-short months:

Our List:
  • Go to the Drive-In (last year Alessandro fell asleep and we only stayed for one movie!)
  • See a movie or concert under the stars (maybe at New Center Park)
  • Spend all day lounging at the beach (we like Camp Dearborn)
  • Go strawberry picking (the Freep has a great handy map that we'll use to pick our spot)
  • Do something fun with our nieces and nephews

My List:
  • Go to The Rainforest (at the Cleveland Zoo)
  • Learn to swim underwater without plugging my nose

Alessandro's List:
  • Attend Trivia Night @ Woodbridge Pub

It's definitely not too much to ask for, right?!

Happy Summer to everyone and I hope you take advantage of life and do all you can to enjoy the Summer before it's gone! (That's not supposed to sound cryptic, but I see how it might).

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