Tiger Pride

Remember when I said I probably wouldn't write about places I did not enjoy?  Well, this calls for an exception to that rule.  Our experience at Park Bar this past weekend left us saying, "I'm so pissed!" and "What the hell just happened!"  and "How rude!" over and over again to each other for the rest of the night.  Kind of like Stephanie Tanner.

Let me tell you what happened.  Remember our decision to cancel cable and the solutions we had to make sure we got our fill of the Tigers?  Well last Friday, we decided we would go out on the town to watch the game.  Hmm.  Where to go?  There are tons of bars downtown, that we could choose.  Should we go somewhere new?  What if they don't have TV's?  Should we go to a regular spot?  What if there's no free parking?  (Since moving downtown we refuse to pay for parking anymore.  It's based on principle).  

As fate would have it, we decided on Park Bar.  We chose Park Bar because it's typically a good spot to grab a beer and watch the game...or so we thought.   

When  got to the bar, there was a hand written sign on the door that said something like, "There will be filming here today.  By entering you agree to be on camera."  Should have been our first sign to turn around, but we stuck with it.  We ordered beers and started watching the game. 

Our second clue that something was off:  everyone was asking to taste the beer before drinking it.  Huh?  I heard of asking for a taste of wine before buying a glass or bottle, but found it odd that so many people were asking for tastes of beer before ordering a pint.  We tried to ignore it and go back to the game.

About a half an hour into the game, we noticed that there was all of a sudden a very interesting mix of people at the bar.  We also weren't being paid any attention and our beers sat empty and un-filled for quite sometime.  We stuck out like a sore thumb.  The only non-interesting looking man/woman couple sitting smack dab in front of the TV staring at the screen, talking about everything we love and hate about the Tigers like Boesch, Furbush, Dirks, Raburn, Worth, Kelly.  Okay, maybe we were just talking about everything we hate.   Alessandro was exclaiming that he "Can't keep all the white guys straight."  (The Tigers do have a lot of white players these days).  Anyway, we were having a good time. 

We finally got our beers refilled and then BAM!  Someone shut the game off!  We both said, "What the [d]uck?"  And, "Don't panic but I think they've just turned the game off."  Oh no, they're putting in a DVD! ? What the heck.  Oh my, we should leave.  The DVD's called "Doggy Style."  And all of a sudden a young Diana Ross is on the screen where Miguel Cabrera once was. 

When it was apparent that this was not a mistake, we made the executive decision to chug our beer and get the hell out of Dodge.

We left, swearing, angry, confused.  What most ticked us off was that they turned the game off without so much as a "Sorry guys, we're gonna be turning the game off soon." Isn't it basic bar etiquette when changing the station or turning something off to ask those who are watching it if they mind?  I'm pretty sure it is, and the fact that the staff didn't feel it necessary to practice a little bit of courtesy has officially left a bad taste in our mouth about Park Bar.  The ridiculousness that we felt we were treated with means we probably won't be going there again.  (Unless it's for Bucharest Grill so that I can get my shawarma on). 

The best part was that there were two members of the Detroit Gang Squad  at Park Bar getting their shawarma on at the time all of this went down.  And when the DVD came on, they looked just as confused as us.  We felt happy to have them on our side.  They bolted out of there right before we could finish chugging our beer.

So, we went to Foran's to finish watching the game where our waitress was super nice (and although he denies it, Alessandro was flirting with her for some reason.  It was totally weird).

The next morning, still upset over the Park Bar fiasco, I did some googling.  And I found an explanation.  Turns out, it was Pride weekend!  Park Bar was hosting a Pride event that night, hence the Diana Ross DVD and the interesting crowd that gathered.  It made me laugh and I immediately felt better about the situation.  But, I still think the staff of Park Bar should have said something before turning off the game.  Again, that's just basic bar etiquette. 

In their defense, maybe they thought Aless and I were attending the Pride event, so they didn't feel the need to say anything.  But, I'm pretty sure our wedding rings, PDA, non-beer-tasting-before-we-bought-attitude and  extreme interest in the Tigers game may have been a sign that we didn't know we were at a Pride event. 

So, I was happy to find out it was Pride weekend (albeit in a different manner than I wished I would have). In honor of Motor City Pride, the Ren Cen changed its lights to all the colors of the rainbow.  I thought that was so cool.  Here's a  pic I snapped when it was orange. It also changed to red, blue, yellow, and green.

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