Water for Elephants

I recently read Water for Elephants.  People, it was really good!  I had no expectations before starting the book, and I was pleasantly surprised.

At first I couldn't get the image of the Pattinson fellow out of my head for a while, but eventually he disappeared from my mind and I could depict the main character as someone with an unfamiliar face.  I think the woman figure always remained Reese Witherspoon to me even though I really tried to stop picturing her.  That's the problem with books turned into movies!  I never saw the movie, but the previews were enough to taint my imagination.  (And although I had no idea who played August in the movie, I kept picturing Billy Zain.  Maybe it was because August's character reminded me of Zain's character in Titanic?) 

The book was different than any other book I've ever read.  It was about circus life essentially.  And it was really well researched.  I learned that a lot of the references to happenings in the book came from real life circus examples after Gruen did tons of research and talked to many higher ups in the circus world.  It was really cool to have read the book, been really encapsulated by the details and then find out they happened in real life.

I loved the book so much that when I was finished, I didn't want to be, so I kept reading the bonus material in the book, like the interview with the author, Sara Gruen, and the discussion questions.  It made me want to be in a Book Club.  Uh oh, Bike Club and Book Club.  I don't think I'm ready for that jelly.

I'd like to see the movie one of these days.  But for now, I will relish in the fantasy of the book.  I just read it last week and I kind of want to read it again.  Is that weird?

Anyone else have any good book recommendations? 

P.S.  Thanks to Keely for lending this book to me to read. Great recommendation.


  1. 1. I began reading Water for Elephants before I knew the movie was coming out. I hated it. Once I learned it was coming out as a movie, it took all I had to just FINISH the book just in case I ever came across the movie. I haven't seen the movie, but the fact that I didn't like the book very much doesn't make me want to see it too badly.
    2. I think liking or hating a book for me has a lot to do with what's going on in my life. I was very busy and was having a rough way to go at work while reading Water for Elephants. Maybe that's why I didn't like it so much.
    3. I have 2 book recommendations for you. The first one is called Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. Holy cow, it was such a wonderful book. It's set in 2 different times. 1940's/50's WWII Washington state, and 1980's Washington state. The second one is The Kite Runner. If you haven't heard of this one, it's by Kahled Housseni. Again, a wonderful story. This one is set in Afghanistan in the 70's during/after the Russian invasion and during the 00's in California. You'll be floored, I promise.
    I can't lend you HatCoBaS because I only have an ecopy on my Kindle, but if you want, I hae more than one copy of TKR. Let me know.
    Happy reading! :)

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