Bike Club: Week 4

We had the best bike outing to date this week!  

We cruised our go-to route of Dequindre Cut to the Riverfront, made a quick stop at Wheelhouse Detroit, then went on to Belle Isle, and this time we explored the Island!

What a beautiful site.  We saw children flying kites, families on bike rides, men racing remote control cars, father-son fishing, brave souls on the beach, people golfing, racquetball (or handball),  and "funny smelling cigarettes" (as my Aunt likes to call it). So many people were out, just enjoying the Island and our great City.  

We also found an awesome bike trail that no one really liked but me.  Sure, it was a bit bumpy, unsafe, a few tree branches were ready to closeline you if you weren't watching and there were a ton of bugs, but I liked it!  It reminded me of riding the bike trail in the woods behind our high school on hot summer days as a kid.  It smelled like trees.  I liked it! I want to find others. 

We really got in a workout this week.  I estimate we biked about 15 miles...maybe 20.  I think we all felt the burn!  Next time we do this same route,we decided we are going to stop on the way back and grab a drink at Andrew's on the Corner to reward ourselves for a job well done. 

Bike Club for life!

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