Eastern Market

A couple of weekends ago, I invited my sis and the girls along with me to Eastern Market.  See how excited everyone was?!

Alright, well Maya wasn't that excited, but at least Ava was!  

We walked from my apartment, which is right down the street and about a 5 minute stroll.  On the way, Ava picked up a stick that she grew fond of.  Before we got to the market I hid it behind a dumpster so that we could get it on our way back.  She was worried that it would be gone when we came back, but I assured her it wouldn't be.  Luckily, it was still there on our walk home, and I gave it to Ava and she said, "Auntie, you're so smart."  If you're ever in need of some positive feedback, just find a youngin' to hang out with--they'll make you feel cool for doing something so "awesome" as finding a good hiding spot for a stick.

Eastern Market was pretty busy, as it always is.  It's a place that requires some patience--especially if you're pushing a stroller or wheelchair.  But we had fun and found some good deals.  Noteworthy items I purchased were a spring salad mix from Brother Nature Produce, which came in a mild or spicy variety.  I got the mild.  And a 4 pound bag of fresh spinach for $6.  Can't beat that!  And a loaf of rustic Italian from Avalon, which produced these wonderful B-A-T's, which Al and I ate for dinner one night:

My sister got pretzel bread from Zingerman's (which her and Ava love, but I found a bit too salty) and a jar of McClure's Bloody Mary mix.  People, this is the best Bloody Mary mix ever!  And if you're not even that into Bloody Marys, as I am not, but you're interested in starting a new habit, try this mix!  I first heard about it from Ericia, Detroit's own Winegal, when she wrote about it in her blog.  As soon as I read about it I biked over to Eastern Market to buy a jar.  It was right before Father's Day and we thought it would be perfect for Alessandro's dad.  Turned out to be a hit!  He and everyone else who tried it loved it! 

Toasting McClure's Bloody Marys garnished with McClure's Spicy Pickles on Father's Day. 

After picking up all of our produce, baked goods and drink mix, and seeing a horse, we headed over to Bert's for some of the best fresh squeezed lemonade you'll ever have. 

A trip to Eastern Market is not complete unless you stop by Bert's for some lemonade, a quick bite of bbq and endless entertainment.  It is always so much fun! 

Fresh squeezed lemonade made right before your eyes.

I didn't snap any pics of the bbq station this time around, but here are a few from last year: 

They come out in droves.

The karaoke performances at Bert's are also unlike any you'll see anywhere else.  (Think mid-Saturday afternoon instead of 1am drunken bar performances).  I didn't record any videos this time around (it's hard doing things with kids!) but here are a few awesome videos from last year. 
Gotta love this dance session and how even the homeless get in on the action (at around 1:42):  

And this one just cracks me up:

And here's my favorite: 

Needless to say, I love the entertainment at Bert's.  

Maya, on the other hand was still not amused:

She's a hard one to please. 

Does anyone have any favorite vendors at Eastern Market?  Or any must-see or must-taste  or must-experience recommendations?

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