New Detroit Happenings

It's such a fun time to be a Detroiter!  So many fun and new things are happening around town and I  feel the need to spread the word.  

  • Astro Coffee opened up in Corktown next to Slows.  Me and Al will be checking this place out asap.
  • El Guapo food truck had its opening week on the corner of Monroe and Randolph near Greektown!  Let me tell you it was delicious!  (See below for a quick recap I wrote on my first visit for my office's newsletter).   
  • Slices Pizza opened on Woodward near Campus Martius park.  They're serving up NY style pizza.  Haven't tried it, and don't know if any pizza other than Supino is worth getting in the D, but thought it was worth a mention.
  • Urban Ground, which is normally stationed at Eastern Market every Saturday morning, has recently set up its cart at Campus Martius Park during the week!  Tried the coffee this morning and it's a winner! 
  • The Somerset Collection coming to the D?  Check it out here.  Shopping within walking distance to my home = dangerous. 
  • 71 Pop:  think pop up shops for young entrepreneurs. Grand opening is Sat. July 30th from 2-5pm. 
  • Keep your eyes open for Hot Taco to open up soon behind the Fox!  Read more about it here.
  • And obviously, Whole Foods slated to open up in Midtown!  Woot woot!  Hopefully this will one day mean no more going to the 'burbs for groceries for me.  

Now for my experience at El Guapo: 

Jimmy Johns?  Boring.  Rio Wrap?  Boring.  Greenroom?  Boring.  El Guapo food truck?  Yes, please!  Aren’t we all sick of the same ol’ lunch spots day in and day out?  If so, shake things up a bit with El Guapo food truck.  It is the best thing that has happened to lunchtime in the D since…CK Mediterranean Grille (which opened up about a year ago and is actually quite delicious and maybe warrants its own review). 
I had El Guapo for lunch today and it was wonderful!  The first thing to strike me was how friendly the staff was.  Even though it was a bit crowded and there were a lot of guests waiting to be served, the person taking my order let me take my time in ordering and was patient with me when I had a couple of questions.  He even offered some suggestions of his own:  “If you have big dinner plans, don’t get the burrito ‘cause that can probably take you to 7 o’clock pm.  If you want a light lunch, try a couple of tacos.  If you’re looking for something in between, try the burrito bowl, which is like a burrito but without the 12 inch flour tortilla.”  I ended up going with a chicken taco, a chorizo taco and a side of rice.  My total was $6.10. 

The second thing to strike me once I got back to the office and was ready to dive into my meal was the unbelievably delicious smell that was coming from the eco-friendly to-go containers.  It smelled so good that before I knew it, my tacos were in my belly and I forgot to pay attention to what was actually on the tacos.  But don’t worry, I always take pictures of my food before I eat, so I was able to refer to the photos to refresh my recollection:  I saw cheese, which I think was probably queso fresco (which is Mexican crumbling cheese), chicken/chorizo, red onions and salsa.  For salsa choices, you can pick between hot, mild, and some other spice levels I didn’t catch.  He had me at mild. 

And the third thing to strike me, as I scarfed down my food faster than someone can enter into a plea bargain, was the deliciousness of the food.  The tacos were so good, fresh and full of flavor.  And it was just the perfect amount for a lunch that left me feeling full and satisfied, but not overly stuffed.  And the rice was really good too!  But I’m kind of addicted to rice—rarely do I meet a rice I don’t like, so you may not want to take my word for it.  In fact, don’t take my word for any of this.  Go out and try El Guapo yourself.  You will not be disappointed.  And if you are, then I am not responsible for the information contained herein.

I told Alessandro all about my food truck experience and he was very jealous as he was on his 3rd PB&J of the week.  Oops!  

If anyone tries any of the above mentioned places, please feel free to comment and let me know!  Or if you want to take me on a date to any of these places, also let me know.  And obviously please feel free to share other new and exciting things you know about that are happening in the D!  

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