Sunday: Spinach, Shopping, Siestas, Spaghetti!

Alessandro and I had a Sunday Funday this past Sunday.  (That means we left the house for something other than the usual--church and family dinner). 

What did we do on Sunday Funday you may ask? 

We started our day with breakfast.  We had spinach, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches on an English muffin.  (I always call them English McMuffins because apparently everything derives from Mickey D's, but I was able to edit while writing so it came out correctly.  

Then we went to Nordstrom.  Now I know this may not seem like fun for Alessandro, but after I convinced him that it would be worth it, he was on board.  They were having a big sale and Al was in need of some new quality kicks.  He doesn't have the skill and coordination needed to wear flip flops, and he's not too fond of these sandals we got him last year, so he needed something new.

So off to Nordstrom we went.  We were only there for half an hour tops and we both left with new shoes : ) and I think it's funny that they looked like this: 

Does that make us weird?  Do you all think our shoes are ugly?  Isn't it funny that they're kind of similar, and that they could be the masculine/feminine equivalent of each other? 

Aless loves his shoes.  They're these from Cushe.  They're extremely light weight, easy to slip on and very comfy.  The top is canvas and the sole is made from recycled material.  He really loves them!  I'm scared that I just linked to the website and now he's going to want more and more and more Cushe.  Actually, I kind of want a pair now. 

Anyway, after shopping we decided to hit up the Taco Truck!  (Read more on my first visit here).  I got two carne asada tacos and Aless got the pork torta.  His torta was so good!  That's what I'm getting next time!  We ate it in our car with the air blasting because it was unbearably hot out and finished it off with an ice cold Mexican pop. 

He is not always amused when I make him pose for pictures.

As we were finishing up our lunch, Alessandro said, "This was a good day."  And flashed those pearly whites of his.  (He had a bit of lettuce in his teeth but I didn't tell him).

After that, we went home and listened to the Tigs game on the radio and I took a siesta.  Then we woke up to go to family dinner at his parents house, which we do every Sunday.  On the menu was his mom's famous Spaghetti, so it became an even better day!  

When I recap it sounds like all we did was eat that day, but I swear that hours and hours passed between each meal. 

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