Wake up, it's Summer!

"Auntie, wake up, it's Summer!"  Said by my little buddy nephew, CJ, it was about as sweet an awakening as one could ask for.  His voice was so precious and hopeful that I couldn't help but smile.  I didn't even need time to rub the sleep out of my eyes, or stretch myself out of my slumber, or even take my sleep mask off before I sat right up and said, "It is?  Let's see!"  And we walked to the living room and opened the blinds.  He was right.  The sky was a beautiful blue and the sun was shining so brightly I almost needed my sleep mask back on.

We had been waiting all night for morning.  CJ was especially excited because I had promised him the night before that when it was daytime we could go bike riding. 

Bike riding is probably one of CJ's favorite things to do (besides swimming) and all he could do the night before was talk about bike ridding.  He wanted nothing to do with my plans to hit up Target after dinner and  instead wanted to get right to biking.  Not much can hold me back from Target, so we followed through with my shopping plans...but not without him trying to break me down:  

My mom said you were going to take me bike widing today.
Not today, buddy.  We'll go tomorrow morning.  
But it's nice out wight now. 
Yeah, but it's getting late, we have to wait until tomorrow morning. 
But we could just go wight now weal quick, Auntie.  
Sorry little buddy.  And if you ask again I'll pop your tire and throw your bike in the trash.  It'll be morning before you know it. 

And so, not even 15 minutes after we woke, did we find ourselves on our bikes.  

Of course we brushed our teeth first.

At the bike rack.  Note Auntie's very sleepy eyes and CJ's look of pure excitement.

We rode The Dequindre Cut, and I cannot imagine a safer or better environment to ride with kids.  And the fun graffiti and sense of community with the fellow bikers is just an added bonus.  (Read more about my love for The Cut here).

It was a really hot morning, and CJ kept wanting to stop for water.  He made us stop under every overpass that had shade, and said every time, "It's nice here.  We could sweep here."  After our water break, we would continue on.  We were going kind of slow, (and whenever I would say so he would remind me that he's much smaller than me, so he has to go slower) so I was able to snap quite a few pics: 

Walking his bike down to the Dequindre Cut.  (Before going down he asked if it was the freeway). 

Love that smirk of his.

Best Friends.


He's probably not going to be the next member of Bike Club until he gets his act together.
I love the Vlasic Pickle guy.

And I got this pic, one of my all-time favorites: 

So hardcore in his Elmo outfit!

We had a great time biking and ended the morning with a much needed dip in our pool.  Followed by an even much more needed call to his momma to come pick him up : )  Auntie needed a nap. 

CJ is such a precious boy.  He is the sweetest heart, and Alessandro and I have elected him as the sweetest out of "our children," as we like to call our nieces and nephews.  (We frequently do mock elections to categorize the children depending on their current phases, such as:  Sneakiest [Maya], Craziest [Victoria], Smartest/Weirdest [Ava], Funniest [Saverio], Cutest [Francesca].  Don't worry everyone, they change just about every day. 

Some of the supporting factors for CJ's "Sweetest" award: 
  • When you tell him you love him, he always responds, "I wove you more."  And when you say, "No, I love you more," he says, "I said it first." 
  • While swimming together in the pool, he said out of nowhere between splashes, "Auntie, I wove you."  That was his way of saying he was having a fun day. 
  • In the morning, he thanked me for making him such a comfortable bed and said that he slept really good.
  • He always cries for his mom and dad at night because he misses them so much.  (But when it's time to leave me the next day, he's over them).  
He's making a running for the Weirdest though, because he only likes to listen to one song on repeat on his ipod and insists he listen to it with headphones on.  And because he sings it like this:


 Anyone make out the song?  It's Get Down on It.  "Get your back up off the wall." 

We love our kids so much and look forward to more adventures with them all. 

P.S.  I am obsessed with my sleep mask, which is this one in purple.  It was a Christmas gift from Aless, and I would highly recommend it. 

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