You never know who's watching you

Alessandro had the nicest conversation today in the elevator with a lady who lives in our apartment building.  She told Alessandro that she has been watching him and I.  She told him that he had a beautiful wife and that he was beautiful too.  And she told him that she is learning how to be a  good wife from watching me.  She said to him, "You just never know who's watching you."  And she's right.

It really goes to show you that we can all have an impact on people when we least expect it.  I know that sometimes Alessandro and I stand out--because he's young and walks with a cane, or because I'm pushing  him around in a wheelchair sometimes, or because he's white and I'm brown, or because we're just so darn attractive.  But I don't always think about the fact that people are watching us and we don't even know it.  

Actually, this is not the first time that someone has said something like this to us.  A few months ago, another woman from our apartment building told me that I was a good wife.  That I'm always on the go and I'm always doing something and that she can tell I work hard.  That meant a lot to me because sometimes I do get drained.  And it's good that someone, even if it is a stranger, sees that I'm trying my best.  Not that I need any affirmations from anyone, but it can never hurt. 

And on our honeymoon, an older couple came up to us in the pool and said that they had been watching us for the past couple of days and that they thought we were a great couple.  We remember thinking, "Wow, you never know who's watching you." 

And last incident that I can recall--was actually the first incident that this ever happened to us.  It was on the night that we shared our first kiss.  We were at The Well, a local watering hole, chatting it up over Jack and Cokes and Killian's Red.  We were not dating at all, and this was the first time that we were out alone together.  A lady (probably drunk because it was St. Patty's day) came over to us and told us that we  made the cutest couple.  We said thanks and then laughed about it.  But both of us secretly were thinking that we could only wish.  Then we kissed later that night (after a lot more Jack and Cokes) and the rest was history.

Moral of the story:  Don't pick a wedgie without looking around first.  But if you do, make it classy.  You never know who's watching you.

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