Furry Alessandro

(As opposed to Tan Alessandro). 

Alessandro's been growing a beard for the past month or so.  Check out the beard's development through these pics:



Alessandro's over his beard at this point and it's scheduled to come off tomorrow.  I think my favorite stage of his beard was the first pic above, on 7/9/11.  In honor of his short-lived beard, check out this article on a man's perspective of beard-wearing found here

And in honor of Furry Alessandro coming to an end, I thought I'd share a short story about just how awesome Everyday Alessandro is.   

To make a really long story short, Alessandro has been selling his childhood toys on eBay since this past December.  (He was a tad spoiled as a youngin' so he had just about every toy known to boy-kind, and 8 months in, he is still eBaying away).  I have been wanting a new digital SLR camera for a long time now.  It is a big purchase, so I was sort of just talking out loud when I mentioned I wanted one.  (You know, just putting it out into the universe).  But, Alessandro, knowing  my love for picture taking,  was very supportive of the idea and even offered to help it along.  He decided that all of his profits from toy selling would be put into a  special camera fund that we could overtime build up for purchasing the camera.  When we initially started saving I thought it would be about a year until we could actually buy the camera.  But then Alessandro started giving me updates: "Booyah, $30 in eBay sales tonight."  And, "$50 added to the camera savings this weekend."  And "Only a few more sales away from getting your camera."   And before I knew it, it was time.  It has only been 4 months and we were able to buy the camera yesterday!  If it weren't for Alessandro's desire to put all of the extra cash he's making on eBay into our camera fund, we would still be months and months away from being able to make the purchase.  (In addition to his eBay selling, he also completes online surveys and tests new products, which pay out sometimes, so that money was also going in the camera fund).  And just to clarify:  the camera was purchased entirely from eBay and survey profits. 

How lucky am I to have such a generous husband?  He puts a lot of time and energy into his eBay selling and  it is really special of him to be so big-hearted and to have such a thoughtful idea on how to make use of his online hobby.   

Now we'll have our camera just in time for our upcoming baseball stadium road trip.  I look forward to taking pictures of stadiums, scenery and Alessandro through a new lens.  

P.S.  Alessandro's online activity deserves its own post, and I have been bothering him to write something so he can share with everyone how they too can get a free box of ice cream delivered to their doorstep in dry ice as we just received a couple of months ago. 

P.S.S.  If you're interested in buying anything from Alessandro's "eBay shop" you can check it out here.


  1. Congratulations on getting the camera! This is a really cute story.

    PS- I like 7.21 the best.

  2. Also, Marika just got her DSLR too. We should go on a photo shoot!

  3. Chris Barbb8/09/2011

    What a guy ....