Our View

The beauty of the sky really amazes me; and the view from our living room is hands-down the best feature of our apartment.  We feel so lucky that we have such a great view.  (That's especially true since we no longer have T.V. and now have nothing else to look at).  

I mentioned before that I looked forward to getting my new camera so I'd be better able to capture what we see.  And since I've gotten my beautiful camera I find that I have to force myself to stop taking pictures of the sky every evening...it's just so dang beautiful!  

Here's the view from our living room these past couple of weeks:  

Don't mind the messy living room; and good thing Aless wasn't in his skivvies. 

I'm thinking of starting a regular posting segment centered around views of the D.  Like, "Daily Pic of the D" or "Sunsets of the Week," (will that work in the winter?) or "Sic Pic of the Day," or...any other suggestions?  

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