Dinner in the D: Atlas Global Bistro

We had dinner for my bday at Atlas Global Bistro on Wednesday.  Of course my preference would have been Angelina, but we had a Groupon that was set to expire, so we gave AGB, not to be confused with AIB, a whirl.  Having never been to AGB or hearing much about it, we had really no expectations.  Alessandro had heard, though, that they had really good cocktails.  Sweet!  (Or sour or bitter or whatever you prefer).  
Since it was a rainy Wednesday night, we didn't think we'd need reservations.  Plus we had just gotten back from a 9 day road trip (details to follow soon), so we were feeling kind of "eh, whatevs."  When we walked in asking for a table for 2, the gentlemanly hostess told us it would be about ten minutes and that we could have a cocktail at the bar.  My response to Alessandro (once we were out of earshot):  "I'll drink what I want to drink, when I want to drink it."  Damn.  I was feeling froggy.  I think I was just letting off some frustration from not being at Angelina.  
We were seated within 5 minutes, which was great.  The cocktail list was extensive, and Alessandro finally settled on a tequila drink called Baya Coctel.  It was made with 1800 Tequilla, Cointreau, lime juice, blueberries, black berries, raspberries and agave nectar. And I ordered a Purple Hat, which was Grey Goose, lavender syrup, orange flower water, angostura bitters, and crème de violette.  His was too strong.  His face was turning rosey, which is a sure sign that "Intoxicated Al" is about to be with us.  Mine tasted like an herb garden, but was pretty good ("herb-alicious" as I liked to say).  

This is my new "drink pic" pose because one time when I held up my drink and smiled,
Aless refused to take the pic saying, "That just lacks character.  You have to give me something more."  

All of the salad options sounded interesting, so we skipped appetizers and each ordered a salad.  I ordered the Middle Eastern Fattoush, which was topped with, among other things, pistachio stuffed mejool dates, and a lemon & sumac vinaigrette.  It was awesome!  I had an internal debate as to whether Angelina's Bibb Lettuce Salad was better or not.  But then I discovered nobody held a gun to my head, so I didn't have to decide.

Alessandro had the Roasted Beet Salad.  The beets were roasted in balsamic and topped with a goat cheese covered large crouton.  Alessandro loved it.  He said, "Beets are way under-used."  He loves him some beets.  

Alessandro ordered the snapper, per the waiter's recommendation.  There were several entres on the menu that I couldn't even consider...since I don't technically eat seafood (this is a really complicated story).  So I debated between the filet and the vegetable paella.  I chose the paella.  "No, thanks," I politely declined when our waiter asked if I would like to top it with shrimp.  

Alessandro loved his snapper.  I tasted it and it was really good!  And  I loved my dish as well.  It was  kind of weird tasting at first...(the culprit:  saffron)...but pretty good.  And it really grew on me and tended to get better and better with each bite to the point where I may have been scarfing it down near the end. 
We ordered ginger carrot cake for dessert.  And an espresso and a coffee.  Good, good and good. 

Overall, it was a great dinning experience.  Our waiter was super nice (young guy...I didn't catch his name) and our food was great.  We give Atlas Global Bistro 2 thumbs up.  Just word to the wise:  if you don't want to get drunk off of one drink, don't order the Baya Coctel.  Oops!

Obligatory Birthday shot.

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