Oriole Park - Our 15 seconds of fame

We said our goodbyes to NYC and hours later said hello to Charm City.  Our second destination was Oriole Park, home of the Baltimore Orioles.  Two things we were looking forward to in Baltimore (besides the obvious baseball game) were:  (1) steamed crabs and (2) pretending we were in the HBO drama, The Wire.  Hands down, the best series ever.  We are super fans, and Alessandro has watched the complete series three times...and counting.  

We stayed at the Radisson Lord Baltimore.  Don't judge us.  It was a Priceline "Name Your Own Price" situation gone wrong.  It was not the nicest place on earth...the name alone will tell you that it is too old for its own good.  And by the smell of our room, I swore that Lord Baltimore himself was still hanging around somewhere.

Luckily, we had to head to the baseball game shortly after check-in, so we didn't have to hang around that place too much.  

We forgot all of our housing troubles as soon as we got to the park.

Al was a HUGE Cal Ripken Jr. fan as a youngster.

5 is just my favorite number, duh.

Oriole Park had a really cool place from which to watch batting practice.  There was a large gated area immediately behind where Alessandro is standing in the picture below, and the occassional BP home run ball was hit up there.  

After BP, we walked around, scoping out the stadium and of course the food concessions.

Baltimorians love them some Old Bay!  They had containers of Old Bay seasoning anywhere you could find ketchup and mustard.  And they even had an Old Bay sausage, which Alessandro really enjoyed. 

Of course I had the boardwalk french fries.  Don't tell the fry gods, but they were actually not very good. 

And I tried a Natty Boh.  It is the local Baltimore brew and I could see why.  Tasty and smooth.  Plus Alessandro couldn't stop talking about how the Natty Boh guy must be related to the Pringles guy.  Possibly distant cousins I guess. 

With our tummies full, and the stands quite empty, we sat back and enjoyed the game. 

Oh yeah...forgot to mention that we first snagged some Orioles gear.  I told you before that Alessandro had a big crush on Cal as a tike, plus he used to play on a travel league and his team was the Orioles, so team gear was a must here.  And we got lucky because everything we bought (Alessandro also bought a 3/4 length sleeved shirt, not pictured) was half off!  Booyah.  Bargains and baseball. 

The Orioles played the Toronto Blue Jays, who were on a home run hitting spree that night.  We were on TV when Jose Molina hit one out in our direction.  And when I say we were on TV, I mean our bodies were little blurs, but it's the closest we've ever been, so we're going with it. 

And then I was on TV a second time when Bautista hit his 39th home run.

After the game and our quick brush with fame, we strolled Baltimore's famous Inner Harbor. 

Then we went back to Lord Baltimore where I discovered that my sleep number is 35.  By the way...sleep number beds are terrible.  And creepy.

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