How to Eat Steamed Blue Crab

As I mentioned here, eating steamed blue crab was high on our list of things to do in Baltimore while on our Baseball Stadium Road Trip (BSRT).  (I don't technically eat seafood, so I was more excited for Alessandro to have the experience).

We ate at Obrycki's, which is in Baltimore's Fells Point.  On the front of the menu was this fun adage: 
A crab provides little food, so he is not easy to eat.  But the little he does offer is but the best food under the sky.  To eat the crab you must work, which makes you appreciate him more.  He is the blessing, the remembrance.  And no man or woman ate enough.
True dat.  Getting the meat out of the crab took a little bit of elbow grease...and a hammer, a knife, and a patient waitress who gave us step-by-step instructions (while manhandling our crab and shoving a piece in my mouth by the way; did I mention the experience isn't for everyone?).

Here's our not-so-professional instructional video on how to get to that precious crab meat:

And a brief video on the easier to reach crab leg meat:

Enjoy you some crab! 

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  1. I love food you have to hit with a hammer.