On the Web & In the D

Thought I'd share with you some of the notable things I found on the web this week.  Have a good weekend!
Funny article about Coldplay.  

Tom Waits's new album came out this week and I'm liking what I hear.

Just for fun, here is my favorite Tom Waits song.
Have you guys heard of this amazing job campaign
Did someone say Huevos Rancheros?  Can't wait to try them at this new Detroit Restaurant.   
Happy Hour is making a comeback with the opening of the new Buhl Bar on Congress and Griswold.  
Can't wait to check out this new art gallery in the D.  The best part:  it features Banksy!    
My Mom would be happy to hear that her favorite restaurant in the D has new owners and is re-opening soon.  Trying to keep the tradition alive.  
And have a Happy Halloween!

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