The Pinterest Challenge: Fall Edition

The Pinterest Challenge is a project thought of by Katie Bower, the bff of my favorite blogger, Sherry at Young House Love.  It is a way to stop "pinning" and start "doing."  The idea:
  1. Pick something off of your Pinterest board that you'd like to try and do it!  (New hair style, new recipe, a craft, a DIY home improvement, whatever). 
  2. You have until Wednesday to complete your project. (You're supposed to get a week to complete, but I'm delayed by a day.  Oops). 
  3. On Wednesday, share your completed project on your blog or on your facebook.  (Make sure that you reference the source of the Pinterest Challenge--Bower's and/or Sherry's blog).
  4. On Wednesday, you can "link up" on either of those blogs and share your project w/ hundreds of people.
I am pretty sure my project will be to paint our nightstand yellow!  Here's my Pinterest pinspiration:

Will you participate?  What will your project be?

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