Nightstand Makeover

Today is the day that hundreds of bloggers (including this one) reveal their Pinterest Challenge projects.  As you'll recall, mine was a paint job for our bedroom nightstand.  This was my first furniture painting project, and I was pretty excited to dive in...and get it over with to be honest.  Alessandro and my bff Danielle were starting to think I was all talk with my growing list of DIMyself home improvement projects, and I needed to prove them wrong.

Danielle helped me from start to finish.  Including letting me come over to her house to sand in her backyard and prime and paint in her Florida room.  Much better solution to what I was going to do, which was to turn our living room into a wood-shop.  Alessandro was slightly concerned. 

Here's the before:

And here's the after:

And just as a reminder, here was my Pinterest inspiration for the project. 

Al really likes it, which is good because he was a furniture painting skeptic, but now he's a believer.  But I have a few disclaimers for you:  the piece is not perfect.  After drying for 3 full days, it was still a bit sticky, which I know is not a good thing.  I think that likely means that we painted the coats too thick, even though our mantra was thin, thin, thin.  I guess that's easier said than done.  I am going to leave the nightstand unused for a few more days and after that I plan to put a coat of Miniwax Polycrylic protective finish in clear on the top to protect it from water damage from drinks and hopefully to protect it from any paint chips as well.    

If interested, here are the steps we took for this job, which I got from this furniture-painting-how-to from YHL.  My basic steps were:  
  1. Sand the piece just enough to remove the shine.  Danielle's neighbors were nice enough to lend us their electric sander, so that made it much easier. 
  2. Wipe off all the dust with a wet rag and give it a few minutes to dry.
  3. Prime the surface with one thin coat of primer.  I used Zinsser Cover Stain oil-based Primer in white, which I got from Home Depot.  And for painting, I used an angled brush, as I read that foam rollers can cause lots of bubbles.
  4. Let that dry for two hours, during which Dani and I went out for breakfast and also to TJ Maxx where I picked up these rain boots that she previously spotted and thought I'd like. 
  5. Next, we painted two thin coats of color.  I chose Leisure by Behr in semi-gloss.  While those coats dried, we headed to Salvation Army to pick up the final pieces for our Halloween costumes.   (Pictures may follow). 
  6. After about an hour, we painted on the last thin coat of paint and spray painted the hardware in oil-rubbed bronze using a few thin coats. 
  7. Lastly, I used a tiny brush to paint the non-detachable hardware on the nightstand with oil-rubbed bronze spray paint. 
The entire thing from start to finish, including drying time, took about 7 hours.  I am so thankful for Danielle's help!  It was much funner to complete with a buddy, not to mention probably saved me a couple of hours.   

Once the nightstand is good to go, I'll post some before and after pics of it in our bedroom.  

I'm glad the Pinterest Challenge gave me a kick in the pants to complete this project, which otherwise would have probably lingered until who knows when.  If you're not on Pinterest, give it a go.  I think Pinterest, which by the way knows nothing of the Pinterest Challenge, is a great site...as long as every once in a while, you stop pinning and start doing.  

Until next challenge!  Maybe by then you'll join?  

* * *
P.S.  Danielle makes the most wonderful smelling candles known to man.  And they burn so slowly that they last way longer than typical candles.  Check out her candles online on her website and her facebook page.  May I recommend the Red Velvet? 


  1. what a great color you chose, Love it!

  2. Hi! I saw your dresser linked at YHL and I love the color! I have a desk that I have been wanting to paint (family heirloom - eeek!) but have been quite nervous about it, but seeing your dresser makes me want to just get it done. It looks great, way to go!

  3. What a cheerful color. And the hardward you added is perfect. I love it.

  4. got to you from young house, been wanting to paint my bedside tables as well, a similar color, and yours is really making me feel like i could do it?! great job!!

  5. OH, I love the color of this nightstand! You did a great job.

  6. Love the color. Isn't painting furniture so fun? I've been working on a few of those project myself lately. Great work!

  7. Hi - just popped over from Young House Love. I love the colour of your nightstand. Looks fantastic!

  8. I love this! I need night stands for our bedroom and this color fits right in with the color scheme I'm using in the makeover (whenever that actually happens). Pinning this to my bedroom board. Great job!

  9. I love the color...great job!

  10. Ladies...thank you all so very much! I'm happy how it turned out and I'm happy so many of you liked it as well : )

  11. love the color you picked!


  12. Projects are always much better when using the buddy system! Looks wonderful! Next time in the Dtw metro we'll have to hook up for a coffee or some Anthropologie oggleing. :)