Thanksgiving in the D

Hob Nobble Gobble is the event of the year.  It is the biggest fundraising event benefiting The Parade Company, where our bff CAB works as an Event Specialist.  The Parade Company puts on the America's Thanksgiving Parade, the Target Fireworks and other big events in the City of Detroit.  We have been lucky enough to be CarolAnn's guests at this wonderful event for the past few years and this year I will share a few of the highlights.  

HNG is a black tie affair with gourmet eats and drinks...complete with carnival food, rides and games.  So it's basically like the best thing ever.  Who doesn't like to ride the Pirate Ship while dressed to the nines?  Or climb the stairs of the Fun Slide in a dress and heels and then hold your dress down as you fly down into a crowd of onlookers while your panty hose itch on the burlap sack?  It makes for an interesting time.  

Here's Alessandro, on our way out the door, who right before I snapped this pic, said:  "I would feel like a million bucks...if I could walk properly."  To which I asked, "So then how much do you feel like?"  And he responded, "About a hundred dollars."  Hey, I'll take it.

When you get to HNG, you can eat, drink, play games, ride rides, and hit up the 6 prize stations to collect your goodies.  Alessandro was having a bad walking day, so we thought we would hit up our prize stations right away so that we could "get it over with" so he could sit down for most of the remainder of the evening.  When Alessandro has a bad walking day, that's bad for me too because that means that he will depend on me even more for support.  Physical support.  Meaning that he puts all of his weight down on my wrist when we walk.  I actually have to stop and take breaks sometimes because I'm in so much pain.  This night, I had the added pain of terribly uncomfortable heels.  So he and I joked while we struggled along, asking, "I wonder who this is more painful for?" 

But you wouldn't know we were having issues based on such smiling faces, now would ya? (Well maybe in that 3rd photo booth pic).

Here it is blown up in case you missed it:

Dinner was delicious.  I scarffed it down before I could take pics, but we had turkey, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, zucchini and peppers and rigatoni.  I washed it down with a Maker's Mark.  (Apparently I'm into whiskey now--who knew?)  (Alessandro's dad first was proud of me, but then clarified that MM is a bourbon whiskey, not a rye, blended or oak whiskey, and then gave me a lesson on the history of whiskey production). 

Everything is top notch at this event.  Check out the dessert station!  And this was only about 1/4 of what was actually available.  

Cotton candy, carmel apples, elephant ears and buckets of candy was all available for grabs.  

Here's our dessert plate.  The longer piece in the middle was a lemony dessert and it was by far my favorite.  I'll have to remember to ask CAB what it was and where I might be able to get more of it.  

 After dinner, some of the entertainment started.  Doug E. Fresh performed.  Do you guys know who that is?  Alessandro and I always feel that we are out of the loop when it comes to pop culture now a days.  We had no idea who Doug E. was and had no idea what the "Dougie" was either.  So we were absolutely entranced while watching all the youngins at the event performing the Dougie like they were on Dance Night at the Apollo.  

I will actually be riding on the float with Mr. Fresh on Thursday during America's Thanksgiving Parade.  So, look for me people!  I tried asking Alessandro's sister, who is a dance teacher, to "Teach me how to Dougie," but she looked at me like I was crazy.  I've been practicing since that night, and I think I have it nowhere near down, so we should be good to go.

Here I am first with our host, and also with Monica (a Bike Club member) and Amelia.  

And of course, here's me and my boo:

And we ended the night with lots of silliness...and a really big glass of Maker's Mark. 


Congratulations to CarolAnn and to The Parade Company for putting on such a fabulous event.  There is nothing like Hob Nobble Gobble, and we had an amazingly good time! 


  1. This event looks so fun!!! And I *love* your lipstick. So glam. :)

  2. you two look amazing! so nice to catch up thru your blog :)

  3. Thanks so much, Julie and Sara! Julie, glad the shade got a good mark from you--the lipstick queen : )