For those of us who "live" online...

Friends, I will tell you that life lived when not a single person is looking is quite different than this online world. Things move a lot slower, quieter, and more simply. Days are longer, we speak softer, and somehow all those lost minutes of the day come together to form an extra hour or two to focus on the things that really matter.  - Aurajoon
The full post by my favorite blogger, Aurajoon, where this quote is put into context, is a must read for all of us.

I constantly struggle with my online presence.  Why do I have a blog?  Why do I have a Facebook?  Why am I sharing my life, my pictures, my thoughts with people I do not even know?  Or people I don't know well enough?  Are my pissed off clients going to Google me?  Why does Pinterest make me happy and frustrated at the same time?  Why do I read 10+ blogs daily?  Ten.  What is the point?  What else could I be doing with my time? 

I know that I am not alone in my thoughts.  Any given day there are people who ask these same questions online, and I've read many thoughts on the topic.  But the person who has said it the best is Aurajoon.  She has the most beautiful blog I've ever seen.  She has a passion for life, her family, her heritage and it shows.  She stopped blogging in September when she wrote her last post, which is a must read for everyone.  I couldn't have said it better myself.  So please click here and read her words. 

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Doesn't that make sense?  

Is there something else more productive I could be doing with my time?  I've already cut cable and don't watch TV and don't have internet on my cell phone.  And I feel good about those things.  It allows me to be in the moment when I'm home with my husband and I don't have the temptation to check if anyone has said "hi" to me online while I'm out having drinks with my friends.  I'm not saying that anyone who watches TV and always has the internet at their fingertips is not living in the moment.  I'm speaking only for myself.  I just plain lack self-discipline.  I mean, I refresh my email about 500 times per day.  I have my own issues that other people don't have.  So cutting things out of my life is just what works for me.  It might not be what other people need. 

But have you ever thought about it?  Even if you don't completely stop watching TV, maybe it would help to have "non-TV hours" at home.  Maybe you set limits and are only allowed to check your email three times a day.  (I have had to do this before--just to prove to myself that I am not completely without discipline).  Maybe you cut your Facebook friends down to people you actually talk to or care about.  Maybe it's the little changes that can make a big difference.  You'll never know until you try. 

I'm not trying to lecture, or change anyone.  I'm just sharing my current thoughts.  (Maybe over-sharing?)  

There are obviously positive things about the internet and being so connected to people all the time.  For example, I consistently read this DIY blog, and I swear if you ask me how to install a new sink, paint anything or build a console table, I feel like I could do it.  (I can't, but I still feel like I could).  So I do feel empowered by some things that I read, and I know that is a big part of making the most of the web.  

But, it doesn't change the fact that I'm still wondering if I want to "live" so much online.  Or if I want to live like no one else is watching. 

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  1. I have so much to say on this topic, Mod! I touched on it a while ago (http://this-american-wife.blogspot.com/2011/10/first-fig.html) but there is much to be said. However, I do love seeing what you and Al are up to!