Four Years of C.J.

Today is our nephew CJ's 4th Birthday!  Cannot believe he's so old!  

Have you ever seen a cuter mug?  I think not.

And he is the most athletic, coordinated, energetic toddler I've ever met.  As is illustrated in this video.

He called me the other day and disguised his voice saying, "Hi little girl, what do you want for Christmas this year?"  I replied, "I want to hang out with my cute nephew, CJ, and have a sleepover."  Then he broke character and excitedly said, "Okay!  Tomorrow?!"  Such a cutie. 

In line with our birthday traditions, we're taking the 4 year old to Build-A-Bear on Friday for him to make a special friend.  Updates to follow.

P.S. Enjoy other CJ related news (and videos) here

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