Pâté in Traverse Citay

Traverse City is one of the best parts about living in Michigan.  I love everything about the town.  Alessandro and I frequently dream of living there when we visit.  We once saw a beautiful house on the lake that had a sign on its mailbox that read, "Mission Accomplished."  Wouldn't that be nice? 

This time around, we did the usual:  went to wineries, breweries, ate at our favorite restaurant, hung out with friends and enjoyed the view.  Oh yeah...and we tried pickled eggs.

Beautiful crisp November morning.

Hand painted mugs on the wall at Right Brain Brewery
Still a few Fall leaves hanging on.

At Ciccone Vineyards
Pâté, cheese, crackers and champagne at L. Mawby
Whitefish pâté that made Alessandro act a fool.

With our friends, Craig and Dani.

Toasting at one of our favs - Black Star Farms

Loving our big, tall, red bearded pourer.

Smackintosh and pickled eggs at Tandem Ciders

Up above at 45 North

45 North was a beautiful place, but we didn't like the wines very much.  This was the only winery where we didn't leave with any bottles.

Al at his favorite winery, Leelanau Cellars

We really liked the dessert wines at Leelanau Cellars and got a couple bottles of the Rasberry Wine.  It paired perfectly with chocolate.  Dani and Craig picked up a few bottles of the Pommegranate Wine.  Somehow we forgot to get a tasting of that, but I'm sure they'll ask us over to enjoy it at some point.  (Hint, hint). 

I made them trek through the mud for a pic, but well worth it : )

Enjoying the view @ the Cellars

Me and my boo.
 And dinner at our favorite restaurant, Trattoria Stella. I can't remember the specific sauces we had with our dinners, and I can't look it up because they change their menus daily.  Dang.  But what I do know is that it was delicious...as always.

Wagyu rib-eye with risotto.

Veal with crispy gnocchetti

They always have panna cotta.  And it is my favorite here.  Dressed with berries and orange sauce.

For breakfast the next day, we hit up Patisserie Amie per recommendation from our friend, Keylee.  Sure, we had to wait for about an hour for a seat but it was SO WORTH IT.  We will definitely be going back there.  Once again, I can't remember the specifics of our meal--that's why this whole blog thing started--as a way for me to REMEMBER, but I guess that doesn't work if I don't journal right away.  Oh well.  At least I remembered that we went to Traverse City.  (Actually I didn't until I was sorting through my pictures just now).  Anyway...back to the food.

I had the special of the day, which was some type of chorizo and collard green quiche.  Absolutely delicious.  Al had some type of creole dirty rice dish.  He loved it.  And to drink he had a sweetened espresso that he still talks about to this day.  

Dani and Craig had waffles.  And a Gruyere and ham omelet with potatoes.  Both loved their meals and said they'd go back. 

Craig and I were loving the coffee served all over Traverse City.  It's Great Northern Roasting Company and I'll be on the hunt for it in a market near me.

Alessandro and I ended our stay in Traverse City with a trip to Chateau Chantal to pick up a bottle of his dad's favorite port--Cerise Cherry Port Dessert Wine.  (Which is actually not really a true port).  We also discovered a new dessert wine that is such a treat.  It is Chateau's Entice, which is an ice wine that is fortified with brandy.  It is so different and so tasty. 

Chateau Chantal is our favorite place just for the view.  You can see for miles.  It's quite beautiful.

13 bottles of wine richer, we headed back home. Our 5 hour trip home went by really quickly.  Only because we listened to R. Kelly, Jay-Z, Twista and Michael the entire ride home.  I have a video of Alessandro singing, but obviously I can't post that or else he'd punish me and never do it again.