Winter Bucket List

I helped my sweet niece, Ava make a Winter Bucket List the other day.  Here's the translation:
  1. Ice skate
  2. Make a snowman
  3. Snowball fight
  4. Walk in the snow
  5. Sledding
  6. Drink hot chocolate
  7. Movie night
  8. Pic with Santa
Ava actually did a lot of the spelling on her own!  And she just turned 5 in August.  I was super impressed.  (Although her mom tells me that Ava said the other day, "I'm so sick of being 5 years old.  I've been 5 for way too long."  Geez.  Kids sure are in a hurry!)

 And to make a space after each word, she would sometimes use the finger trick where you put your finger after the word to ensure a proper space.  Her finger looked so small when she did that.  But I think her spacing turned out pretty good.  

My Winter Bucket List is very similar to hers:
  1. Ice Skate with Ava
  2. Make a snowman w/ the nieces and nephews
  3. Go sledding with the nieces and nephews
  4. Have a sleepover with the nieces and nephews
  5. Have a movie night and spiked hot chocolate night with the hubby
  6. Take the kids to see Santa
  7. Make Gingerbread for my favorite doorman

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  1. Being an Aunt is the best, and a "winter bucket list" is an idea I am totally going to steal from you. :)