Bike Club is having Triplets!

A member of my summer Bike Club, in which I am CEO and President-Elect Self-Imposed, is having TRIPLETS!   Three Boys.  Count 'em.  One, Two, Three.  This is a super serial situation. 

So, for her baby shower, I had to get something special.  I turned to Etsy, and found these: 

Aren't they so cute?  

They are from the Etsy shop 13 days, where the shop owner and embroiderer, Kristina, makes some pretty cute and unique baby gear.  As listed on her site, Kristina features one onesie with a red bike and blue print underneath.  But I emailed her and asked if she could customize it a bit for me with different colors since I needed three, and she did with no problems!  It was really a pleasure to work with Kristina...she answered my emails very quickly and had ideas of her own.  I am so happy with the final product and would highly  recommend that you check out her shop, 13 days, for any of your special customized baby needs. 

My little buddy CJ even helped me fold and package them...

 He's an excellent folder of clothes.  Maybe he takes after Alessandro?

OH YEAH...here's me and the mom-to-be : )  

Beautiful!  And amazing that there are 3 little buddies in there!  

In four years they can ride with us on the cut!


  1. Anonymous3/05/2012

    Hi Hi! This is Kristina from 13days!
    I found this page through my etsy stats (it shows me the origin of hits to my shop)
    I could not resist checking it out, and I'm so glad. This totally made my day! :D

    Thank you for the shout out and for being an awesome customer!

    1. Hi Kristina, thanks so much for stopping by to say hi! I'm so happy with those little onesies and can't wait until I need to buy some more baby gear!