Here's to another year in the D...

Al and I moved into our first home the day we took that first picture above.  It was purely accidental that we got the heart on the Blue Cross building in the background, but it was completely fitting since it was Valentine's Day.  

So, each year, around Valentine's Day, we take that same picture, and we make the same dinner--Chicken Scallopine (or Chicken Saltalamacchia as we like to call it for you baseball fans).  

Valentine's Day signifies to us the beginning of an important chapter of our lives together.  It's the anniversary of our first home and it will always remind us of that exciting time when we finally moved in together.  We often ask each other, "Remember when we didn't live together?"  And while we do remember, we can't actually imagine what it was like.  The torture!  There's nothing better than settling in with your person.

So here's to another year in our first home.  And another year of living with my best friend.  

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