Ikea Finds: Frames, Frothers, FILUR and Feet

I roamed Ikea for 2.5 hours one recent Saturday morning and came home with some very fun purchases.

I wanted to share them with you if you are interested.

First, I purchased the ODBY frame, which was $9.99.  I immediately loved the rounded corners and chunkiness of the frame.  I filled it with a picture I took of graffiti art from The Dequindre Cut.

The frame is an 8x10, which is matted down for a 5x7 picture.  I love how this bright and edgy picture looks in this clean, slick frame.

Next up is this awesome little device:  a frother!  

Who doesn't need a frother?  I know I did.  Alessandro was completely skeptical of this purchase because he thought it would just be a piece of junk.  But I told him that it was only $2.99, so it was fine.  He hates when I justify purchases by saying, "It was only a dollar."  He sarcastically replied, "Yeah, so it's only $3 down the drain." 

But, I'm happy to say that the purchase was a success. 

Do you see all that wonderful froth?  The picture above does not really do it justice because the lighting was so poor, so I snapped another picture of a chai latte I frothed up last night.

Do you see all that bubbly goodness?  My chai latte drinking experience has been made so much more enjoyable...and all for only $2.99!  (I couldn't find the frother on the Ikea website, and Amazon is selling it for $6.50, so I'm really feeling like I got a good deal).

We also used the frother the other night to foam up our Mexican hot chocolate.  The possibilities are endless.  Alessandro is officially a believer in the frother.  

Next is the TOLSBY picture frame, which was .99 cents.  

I filled it with a piece of art made by Alessandro's Aunt Irene, which she sent to us on this year's Christmas card. Isn't it lovely?  And it perfectly pops out of that white frame.  It is currently living on the bookshelf in our bedroom.  Every time I look up at it, I smile.  It fits in perfectly and really makes that space.

There were also two storage/organization items I came home with.  The first was the FILUR bin, which was $12.99.  I bought this with the intention of using it to tame our recycling, which has been known to get a bit out of control.

I lined it with a garbage bag so that we can easily take the bag out to transport it to the suburbs whenever we visit our parents.  (Our building doesn't offer recycling and we still haven't gotten the hang of using the drop off sites offered in the D).

I love the easy lift up lid and so far it has made our life a bit easier and has been hiding the mess pretty well.

Lastly, I picked up the RETUR bin for $19.99, which is supposed to be a recycling bin.  But, I bought it for the purpose of taming our pile of shoes that tends to accumulate at the front door.  I got the idea for this from John and Sherry at Young House Love.

Here's what our front door looked like when I came home from Ikea:

Pretty gross.

And here it is post-RETUR:

Here's a shot of the inside:

I have to say that Alessandro was SO anti this purchase.  He thought I was crazy.  He thinks I read too many blogs.  He thought we would not use it and it would be a waste of money.  But, then the other day he said, "I think it's growing on me."  He loves the top shelf, which is just a bonus really.  It is great for incoming mail, wallets, cell phones and other things we need to remember to grab on the way out of the door.

I have also been sticking my mittens and hat in there after coming home from work.  This bad boy was a successful purchase!

If you're interested in how this is hung...I should have drilled a hole and used anchors and screws, but I didn't have a drill, anchors or screws.  (It came with only one screw for some reason.  And after re-reading John & Sherry's post, I see that theirs came with only one screw too.  Ikea oops).  So, I opted instead just to nail two nails into the wall and hang it up like a mirror or a picture frame.  It worked.  But, we definitely won't be putting anything too heavy on top because I don't want it to start drooping.

That's it!  Five Ikea purchases that made my life more colorful and less cluttered and made my after dinner drinks come alive!  (Wow, doesn't take much to get me excited).

Have you made any fun Ikea purchases lately?  I'm always looking for an excuse to go back...it's just so dang far!  And next time I visit, I'd like to eat at the cafe.  Any recommendations?  

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