This is how awesome Alessandro is...

Alessandro has had a really bad walking day today.  He's been struggling to get around (more than usual) since waking up this morning.  But, that didn't stop him from having such a productive day that it puts me to shame.  In the morning before work, which he started at 11am, he (1) made the bed, (2) did the dishes, (3) made a berry compote for our homemade parfaits, (4) ate breakfast (yay!), (5) packaged up some of his eBay sales, (6) and went to the post office to mail out said packages.  

But his day didn't stop there.  He worked a half a day then came home and started our dinner:  stew, since he had been craving it for weeks now.  I was not able to help at all because I had a volunteer church gig after work and didn't come home until after 7pm.  When I came home, he was in the final stages of dinner prep.  

It is worth noting that this stew required Alessandro to hand peel a bag of fresh pearl onions (since I couldn't find them pre-peeled and frozen in the grocery store).  He hand peeled about 50 pearl onions, and said he wouldn't wish that task upon his worst enemy.  He later divulged to me that at one point, he had to sit on the floor and slice vegetables using a stool as a table because he couldn't muster enough strength to get back up and make it to the table.  (I checked, and yes, he used a cutting board; thank goodness because that would not have been sanitary). 

And not only did he make dinner, but he did all of the dishes that were dirtied in the process, and he continued to wash all of the new dishes I piled into the sink from my lunch (which was a lot because I left Friday's tupperware at work over the weekend).  He kept going and going and going.  

When I walked through the door tonight, all I really wanted to do was finish the bottle of Pinot Noir that he used for the stew and go to bed.  But, seeing him inspired me to suck it up and power through.  (And when I say power through, all I mean is that I managed to take the garbage out and put away our clothes in the bedroom). I know, big whoop, right?  But, if it weren't for him, I wouldn't have done even that little.  Oh, and he also inspired me to upload my pictures and write this post so that I could share his awesomeness with you, and so that I can never forget it.  

As we finally sat down for dinner, Alessandro said something that I think must be a common thought for him each day:  "This damn stew better be good."  For all the effort he puts into each task he does, it sure better be worth it.  And I think he would tell you that each productive day he has, like the one he had today, is always worth it in the end.  

And so was the stew.  

This is his, "Hmm, this is pretty good," face.  

P.S.  He was in bed and sleeping by 9:45pm.  


  1. He deserves an award for the onion duty!

    1. Amen. Plus many more.

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