Classic Movie Recap Series

I have really gotten into old movies over the past few months.  If a movie is from the 30s, 40s or 50s, I want to see it; I need to see it!  Does everybody know how awesome old movies are?

If not...I'd like to give you a preview...or recap...of the ones I'v viewed lately if you're interested.  

Here's where the Classic Movie Recap Series (CMRS) comes in.  

Today I'll start with the top 4 reasons why I love old films.  And then, this week I will post recaps on 6 old movies broken down into a Clark Gable Edition, Jimmy Stewart Edition and Montgomery Clift Edition.  Please contain your excitement.

And when I say "editions" please know that each edition only has 2 film recaps so far.  Ha!  Even though Jimmy Stewart has made 3 million films, my edition only has 2!  So you can see how totally just for fun this is. 

Let's get started.

The top 4 reasons why I love old films 

#1:  The people are really attractive.  I can just stare at old movie stars forever.  Why don't people look like that anymore?  How do those women get their hair to curl like that?  Who invented all of those curling techniques?  Why are the old actors the coolest, most suave creatures on earth?  No wonder vintage is back (and has never really left).  Everyone is just too cool for school.

#2:  The production stories are always fascinating.  Who would have known all the drama going on behind the filming of some of these films?  Why did Clark Gable's breath smell during the filming of Gone With the Wind?  Was there really a hanging captured on film in the Wizard of Oz?  What did some of these actors do to prepare for their roles?  The back-stories are fun, fun, fun.

#3:  The lives of the actors and actresses are equally interesting.  Since most of the actors/actresses of that time are gone, you can look back on their lives from beginning to end and see where they were at the point of their lives when they made each film.  You can see a trend in the roles they played or how they tried to break out of typecast roles.  One thing that is so intriguing to me about these movies is that a lot of the big male stars of the day also had such successful military careers.  Can you imagine that now a days?   Celebrities serving in a war? 

#4:  They just don't make movies like they used to.  (Am I allowed to say that since I was born in the 80's?)  These movies are just pure entertainment.  They're sometimes corny (which I normally don't like, but I think I don't like corny in 60s or later movies, but 30s thru 50s are fine), everyone gets married all the time, everyone is chain smoking and they look so cool (whereas now a days when people smoke they look kind of silly), the stories are always fun, even though you mostly know what's going to happen in the end, and the films just seem so effortless.  No hoopla.  Just a movie.

Well, what are your favorite things about old films?  Do you have any must-see classics you'd like to recommend?  I've only been at this for a couple of months, so I know I have a long way to go before I can say I've even put a dent into the classic film genre, but I'm trying!  (Don't worry, I know this might sound so lame to some people, but please just let me carry on this excitement.  It seriously does not take much for me).

I hope you like this week's series!   

Up Next:  Classic Movie Recap - The Clark Gable Edition

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