It's that time again!

The Pinterest Challenge is here again. 

The Pinterest Challenge was created by Katie Bower @ Bower Power and is co-hosted by Sherry @ Young House Love as a way to stop pinning and start doing.  The great part is that as soon as the ladies announce the Challenge, participants get only one week to create or do something based on something one has pinned. 

I have known for the past 2 months what I would be doing for the next Pinterest Challenge, so it is a real wonder why I have not yet began purchasing supplies.  Now, here I am, with only one week and nothing I need to complete a Rast Hack. 

What's a Rast Hack you say? 

You start with this Rast dresser from Ikea....
via Ikea.

And then you hack it to create something pretty like this...

via here, pinned by me here

or this...
via here, pinned by me here.

With Ikea being so dang far away, and with Alessandro and I sharing a car, and with us going away for the weekend...it will be interesting to see if I can get it done by Wednesday.

Wish me luck!

And won't you join me to?

Here's how you can get in on The Pinterest Challenge action:
  1. Pick anything that you've pinned on Pinterest, whether it's a recipe, a craft project, an activity or an outfit you've been wanting to put together.
  2. Do it!  And take a picture!
  3. Next Wednesday, share your project by visiting Bower Power and Young House Love and also sharing it here with me!
  4. If you have a blog and share your project there, be sure to use The Pinterest Challenge banner above and link it to Bower Power or Young House Love.

P.S.  I did a Nightstand Makeover for the last Pinterest Challenge too...I'm sensing a theme. 


  1. Yes...I plan on participating in the Pinterest Challenge. I feel like I'm getting off easy, though. I'm just going to make a recipe that I've been drooling over. That's only going to take me hours. Your project could take days.

    1. Awesome! Can't wait to see what you make! Next time, I'm gonna have to do a recipe.