Random Photo of the Week

This is Alessandro waiting for me to come to the table so that we can eat dinner.  (We were having B.A.T.s and salad).  I had gotten up to get our drinks and glanced over and wanted to remember that scene forever, so I snapped a pic.  Look how patient he is!  With his hands in his lap too!  


  1. Oh, I love this!

    I just began following your blog after stumbling across your wedding vows on Pinterest (I am in the process of putting mine together for our NYE wedding). They are so romantic and have made me cry on more than one occasion!

    PS - looking forward to seeing how your Pinterest Challenge comes along!

    1. Hi Meaghan,

      Thanks so much for dropping in and saying hi! I really appreciate it.

      I'm glad you liked our vows : ) I read them over and over without crying up to the wedding, but then blew it on wedding day and got a bit choked up. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You have plenty of time to put something together, so I'm sure it'll be great.

      Thanks for following along and for putting the pressure on for the Pinterest Challenge. I bought the dresser and put it together yesterday, so now it's on to painting!