Sport your orange!

The first thing anyone coming into Downtown might notice this week are the orange lights on the Rennaisance Center and the MS logo on the LED screen atop the building.  How cool is that?!  I believe this is the first time that the National Multiple Sclerosis Society has been featured on the Ren Cen.  I've been trying to snap a good picture of it for a couple of days now, but am failing epically.  (I'm still crazily running around trying to paint and stain furniture for tomorrow's deadline).  I'll make it a point to get a picture though, and I'll share it here, so stay tuned.  It's pretty cool.  Even though I already said that.

For MS Awareness week, I thought I'd ask you to do one small thing:  wear orange!  (Since you all have to get dressed anyway). 

And I thought it'd be fun if you all would send me pictures of yourselves wearing orange.  You don't?  Well just try it and see if it turns out to be fun. 

If you wear orange this week, please snap a picture and send it to me via email, text or post it to this blog's facebook page, found here (And while you're there, don't forget to "Like" the page!)  On Monday, I'll post everyone's picture here in one orange-fest of a post called something like, "The Orange Mafia," or "MS Awareness Fools," or something way more creative if you or Julie, queen of puns, can help me out.

I'll start.  Here's what I'm wearing today.

See, it can be so simple.  Just a splash of orange!  That's all it takes!  And since I wear my orange rubber MS bracelet every day...even on our wedding day...  

...I added a bit more orange today.  My mom gifted me that awesome orange bead and my bff, Dani, gifted me my beautiful Pandora bracelet, so my wrist feels very special today.  I feel super cool raising awareness in style.  

And apparently I only take pictures if my head is cut off.  So to prove that's actually not true, here ya go.

This picture was not from today.  But I just wanted to prove that I had a face, and having my sweet orange ear warmer on in this pic is just a bonus.  (The ear warmer was from a cute little shop caleld Goods in Midtown). 

But anyway, back to the point.  

Please join me!  It's so easy:
  1. Wear something orange.
  2. Take a pic.
  3. Send it to me.
  4. Come back on Monday to see a bunch of people wearing orange.  (By a bunch, I mean probably just me and Alessandro).

* * *

And, if you want to submit a pic but don't have my email address, then you can contact me here:  movesincircles@gmail.com.  (And remember, you can also submit your pic through this blog's facebook page too).

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