Grandma's House One Thursday Afternoon

*  *  *
Notes to self about photos:

  • Anytime I point the camera at CJ, he gives me this smile.
  • Nothing, seriously NOTHING better than Grandma's tostadas
  • CJ entertaining the crowd
  • Sis putting CJ in a headlock because he wouldn't stop acting like a dog
  • CJ and Alessandro played a racing game on the iphone while we cleaned up.  CJ loves his Uncle so so much.  They're bffs.  
  • Grandma and Mom cracking up about Liana's sleeping habits
  • Grandma, comfy in her chair.  Waiting patiently for everyone to leave so she can relax.  Hand lotion nearby on the floor, diet coke and pale pink nail polish within reach on the radiator, grandkids' colorings on the wall and a basket of knitting supplies next to her chair 
  • CJ in my Grandma's beautiful backyard with scary storm clouds overhead


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    1. Thank you, Judy. And to think I almost didn't bring my camera with me.