The Birth of Bunny

As I mentioned yesterday, I failed to post any pics from when we took CJ to Build-A-Bear for his birthday...in December!  Bad Auntie. 

Better late than never.  Which seems to be my blogging mantra. 

Check out the making of the bear here.  Notice how awesome that employee is!

CJ named his bear Bunny!  How cute!

Afterward, we had ice cream.  CJ's favorite is a plain vanilla cone.

Then we lingered, just being goofy and having fun.

I think CJ had a good time!  He sure was tired.

And for good measure, a couple of things about CJ:

  • He doesn't like the freeway.  One time he said to me, "Are we gonna get on the freeway?  Cause if we're getting on the freeway I'm gonna go to sleep."  
  • He thinks Alessandro's faking and can actually walk well.  He asked Alessandro to walk without his cane the other day and Alessandro did so, which actually isn't a pretty sight, and CJ said, "See!  I knew you could do it!"  
  • He's just the sweetest, nicest kid.  And he's always up for any type of adventure.    

And just cause this photo series makes me smile...

This collage will grow by 3 little buddies within the next few years!  We'll take Victoria next year for her 4th birthday, then Francesca in 2013 for her 3rd birthday and we're expecting a new niece or nephew this October, so we'll take that little buddy in 2015 or 2016!    


Detroit Destinations

The owner of Supino's, Chef Dave Mancini, recently gave a rundown of 10 of Detroit's must-see destinations for GQ magazine.  

Read this article to see his picks, then go out and experience our City's gems!  

Green Dot Stables picture from article.

Al and I have only been to 5 out of the 10, so I know what we're doing this weekend!

The Birth of ABC Bear II

As I mentioned last week, we took Maya to Build-A-Bear for her Birthday.  This is a tradition we created with our nieces and nephews for their birthdays.

If you have 5 minutes, check out this video clip to see Maya in action.  

That's not Maya being shy.  That's just Maya not really wanting to do everything that the stranger is telling her to do.  Notice how she picks and chooses which directions she wants to follow and which ones she doesn't.  Story of her life.

Maya named her bear ABC Bear after a bear that my sister had growing up.  My sis still has the bear and Maya has recently come to love it.

After bearmaking, we had pizza in the food court.

Then we headed to Ava's first ever soccer game!  Where Maya did this...

And Ava was cute as a button!

And Maya didn't want to be included in this cute family photo.

After leaving the soccer game, Alessandro and I went home and took a nap.  Dang it's good being an Aunt and Uncle!

P.S.  As I was writing this post, I realized that I never posted about CJ's day at Build-A-Bear.  And I would never deprive the internet of such cuteness, so that's up tomorrow! 


Maya's 3rd Birthday

The weirdest of our nieces and nephews, Maya, turned 3 last month.  

Here's the birthday girl. 

And one with her sister.

This is what you need to know about Maya: 
  • She is cute and she knows she's cute
  • She uses her cuteness to get away with a lot of things
  • She marches to her own beat
  • She likes to test your patience
She doesn't do anything terribly bad, but she will, for example, stare at you with a straight face if you tell her not to do something until you can't take her glare anymore and you just say never mind, carry on.  I kinda wish I had her powers. 

But mainly, she's super sweet.  And I think that her best quality is that she's independent and doesn't care what people think of her.  I hope that she can maintain that confidence and that she will always be true to herself and her beliefs. 

Maya wanted a dinosaur themed birthday party, which is another reason why she's awesome.  She likes to think outside the box.  So she got lots of dinosaurs and from what I hear from my sister, she loves them all and plays with them all the time. (But don't call them dinosaurs, because to her, they're dogs and they're named Riggs). 

Ava was in charge of dressing everyone in their party hats.

And Alessandro, in true fashion, tried to nap during the party.  Nothing out of the ordinary. 

Ava was also in charge of taking drink orders and ended up making out pretty good in tips! 

Here's a picture I love that captures a moment where Maya is surrounded by so many people who love her.   Her Nanny is sitting with her at the table, while her mom and Grandpas look on.  She's so lucky to have so many people who love her!

Maya requested carrot cake cupcakes.  Again with the thinking outside the box.  I actually called her the day before her party to double check that she still wanted carrot cake cupcakes.  I asked her in an open ended way:  "So what type of cupcakes would you like me to make you for tomorrow?"  And she said, "Auntie, I already told you before.  I want tawot tate."  So carrot cake it was.

 Maya invited her friends CJ and baby Gabe to her party.

Check out that cuteness. 

And one more thing about Maya.  She eats in an unusual manner. 

Al and I took Maya to Build-A-Bear for her birthday.  Come back on Monday to hear how that went, and to get a better idea about Maya's personality. 


Lunch in the D: Ivanhoe Polish Yacht Club

Alessandro and I had a restaurant.com certificate to redeem, so I chose a place we had never been before:  the Ivanhoe Polish Yacht Club.

We ate lunch there last month and it was fabulous!  

First of all, this is the Polish Yacht Club.

The neighborhood is awesome in a vacant kind of way.  

Off the bat, you notice the decor, which has not been changed since the beginning of time.

Alessandro loved this Abe Lincoln print.  And I just couldn't stop staring at the pic underneath it.  What's actually going on there?  I'm still not sure.  

We both ordered the polish sampler.  You start with a mug of chicken noodle soup.

Then get a plate of their famous coleslaw and pickles.

Then you're really full and you get your meal.  We both got the Polish sampler even though we could have split it.  But we had to spend a minimum of $25 in order to use our certificate, so we splurged. 

The pierogies, polish sausage and sauerkraut, potato pancakes and thick cut fries were all absolutely delicious.  Alessandro particularly loved the sausage...said it was some of the best he's had.  (Maybe he only felt that way because we've been meat deprived lately?.  It was really good though).  

We were previously Polonia people, but I think this meal made us devout Ivanhoe Polish Yacht Club people for our Polish food needs.  We'd definitely recommend IPYC for Polish food in the D.

Anyone have any other Polish restaurant recommendations or good (or bad) experiences at IPYC?