The Birth of Bunny

As I mentioned yesterday, I failed to post any pics from when we took CJ to Build-A-Bear for his birthday...in December!  Bad Auntie. 

Better late than never.  Which seems to be my blogging mantra. 

Check out the making of the bear here.  Notice how awesome that employee is!

CJ named his bear Bunny!  How cute!

Afterward, we had ice cream.  CJ's favorite is a plain vanilla cone.

Then we lingered, just being goofy and having fun.

I think CJ had a good time!  He sure was tired.

And for good measure, a couple of things about CJ:

  • He doesn't like the freeway.  One time he said to me, "Are we gonna get on the freeway?  Cause if we're getting on the freeway I'm gonna go to sleep."  
  • He thinks Alessandro's faking and can actually walk well.  He asked Alessandro to walk without his cane the other day and Alessandro did so, which actually isn't a pretty sight, and CJ said, "See!  I knew you could do it!"  
  • He's just the sweetest, nicest kid.  And he's always up for any type of adventure.    

And just cause this photo series makes me smile...

This collage will grow by 3 little buddies within the next few years!  We'll take Victoria next year for her 4th birthday, then Francesca in 2013 for her 3rd birthday and we're expecting a new niece or nephew this October, so we'll take that little buddy in 2015 or 2016!    

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