CJ's First Tiger's Game

One freezing day in April, I took my nephew CJ to his first ever Detroit Tiger's Baseball Game!  What a monumental event!

CJ thought he was coming over just to play at our apartment, which is one of his favorite things to do.  He should have been thrown off by the fact that he was dressed in 4 pairs of pants, 4 tops, a winter jacket, gloves and a hat. My sister dropped him off in the lobby and when we were on the elevator coming up he said, "When I get in your repartment can I please take some of these clothes off?"  I told him that we were heading out to do something special outside and I broke the news: 

I don't know why, but that video cracks me up.  He is obviously not that excited, is mostly uncomfortable in too many clothes, is disappointed because all he really wants to do is hang out for a casual afternoon, and is annoyed I'm asking him so many questions.  

Then, we called my sister so he could tell her where he was going:  

He managed to feign some excitement for her : ) 

So, after getting him wrapped back up like a stuffed burrito, we headed to the park. 

It was a cold, windy, gloomy, freezing Thursday afternoon.  

CJ was super happy to be at the ball park. 

One of his first questions was:  "How did that car get up there?"  

His next question was, "Can I have some cotton candy?"  

He also asked for a pretzel and cheese and I asked myself for french fries.  Even though I paid $1.25 for a tiny cup of cheese, he didn't eat it.  Maybe it was because his soft pretzel was rendered inedible due to its turning rock hard from the cold temp.  He helped me finish my fries instead...even though I didn't need help.  That's one thing I can handle on my own.

I love all of his different smirks and smiles. 

After we ate and watched a few innings, we rode the carousel.

Then we watched a few more innings and had a photo shoot.

And continued to freeze our butts off.

 When we got back home, CJ played with his souvenirs.

We had so much fun.  I only wish my first trip to the ball park was documented.  Instead, I'll just have to settle for this throwback pic:

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