The Drive-In

I have very fond memories of going to the Drive-In with my aunt and sisters as a youngin.  I remember watching movies in my pjs while lying on layers of blankets and pillows and eating nachos.  What's not to love?  Alessandro had never been to the Drive-In before.  That is, until I made him go with me one day in 2010.  (We saw Inception).  Alessandro has a leg twitching problem, so he didn't appreciate sitting in a car for that long.  And he also has a falling asleep problem, so he did that too.  The experience wasn't a bust, but I wasn't sure if I was ever going to get him to go with me again.   

So, for security purposes, I bought a Living Socials deal when one was offered...2 tickets for the price of 1.  And one recent weekday night, we had our second Drive-In date. 

No one was there but us.

It was the coolest.

We didn't get nachos, but we brought our own snacks:  Oreos and milk.  We saw Cabin In The Woods.  It was lame.  We had a blast.

P.S.  I just asked Alessandro if he'd ever want to go back and he said, "I'd be just as likely to go back to the Drive-In as I would be to go to a regular movie."  So there is still hope : ) 

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