Easter Recap - better late than never

Alessandro's mom loves Easter.  She does Easter hardcore.  The amount of time and effort she put into celebrating Easter this year is worth remembering and sharing.  Take a look. 

She made these cute jars of jelly beans for each of us and gave prizes to those whose guess for the number of beans was the closest.  

Each table setting had an Easter straw, candy and a personalized hard boiled egg.  Alessandro's Dad got this bunny in front of his table setting since he has previously expressed that this particular figurine creeps him out.  How thoughtful of his wife : )

 Before dinner, the kids hunted for Easter eggs.

And then they opened presents...

 Antonio got coupons! It was really nice of Tony to comb his hair for the occasion.

Here's Alessandro being handsome as ever.

Alessandro and I also got showered with gifts, but no pictures, dang.

Francesca is the best model. Her little fingers kill me!

And then there was the feast.

City chicken, polish spaghetti, smoked and boiled sausage,cheesy potatoes and sweet potatoes.

The End.  You should see Christmas around these parts!

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