Dinner in the D: Greendot Stables

One time, we ate at Greendot Stables.

We liked it.  You should go there.  Here's why.

Front row from left to right:  Curry Chicken slider (learned that I don't like curry, so I wouldn't order it again), Au Poivre slider (peppery and good), Hot Brown (good).

Sidenote:  I wanted the Au Poivre slider, but didn't know how to pronounce it so I asked Alessandro to order. (Alessandro thinks he is a French food connoisseur and always makes fun of me because I have the most trouble pronouncing French terms).  After ordering, the waiter told him that he was the only person all day to pronounce it correctly.  That didn't help any trying to bring his ego down.  (By the way, it's pronounced "oh pwauve.")

Back row from left to right:  Shredded Pork (he liked), BBQ bacon (he liked), Korean (he liked).

We also ordered fries - Al had the poutine and I had plain.  The fries are shoestring fries, really crispy and really good.  I didn't photograph them because they were just the tiniest portions and I didn't want the fries to feel inadequate.  

(We went back to GDS a week or so after this with new friends and I ordered the truffle and herb fries...DELICIOUS.  Get those if you go). 

Atmosphere:  good.

Alessandro:  happy.

Alessandro had a draft Bell's ($3) and I had a moscow mule ($3).  My bro-in law is the master of moscow mules...he's got the recipe down...and I was expecting more of a familiar taste, but it was a bit too gingery  for me and a bit hard to drink.  

The view upon exiting:  beautiful.

Update:  Went there again and had the buffallo chicken slider (delicious), cheesburger slider (delicious) and bbq bacon slider (delicious).  And did I mention you have to have the truffle fries?

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