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Please enjoy this picture overload of a post showcasing what our living quarters are looking like these days. 

Here's my favorite corner made complete by our antique primitive pie safe, which we scored last year at an estate sale.

The Grandfather clock was my Dad's, so it's extra special. 

At first I hated the way that all of the wood pieces in this corner were so different in color (and age), but now it's all kind of grown on me.

This cute little jade plant is my favorite.  It started out as a tiny little buddy a few months ago and has thrived into this blossoming beauty.  The other night I dusted its leaves and totally felt like Léon from the Professional.

Next to the jade plant are a few Harmony Kindgdom trinkets Alessandro's mom collected for him and his brother when they were kids.  

I got this globe from Goodwill for $5.   It's brand new and in perfect condition.  I want to spray paint the silver part of the globe oil-rubbed bronze one day to fit more into our neutral color scheme. 

The fish trading card art is a piece from Alessandro's talented artist of an aunt, Aunt Irene.  We have a bit of a collection of her trading cards that I would like to frame together in a collage one day.  But I think this fish is one of my favorites.  It ties together with the fish and the whale on the other side of the record player.

Here's my new color coordinated bookshelf.  That's what I did this past Friday night:  color coded the bookshelf.  I love how it turned out!  I stared at it for a good 5 minutes after I finished.  (If you could see what it looked like before (a hot mess) then you would understand why this change was so dramatic.  I know I have to have a "before" picture of it somewhere on my computer, so when I find it, I'll post it here so that you can see the change).

I just got a new bike, so I'm keeping it inside for now. It makes up the fourth chair of our kitchen table.   

Here's another of my favorite plants. (I have a lot of favorite things). It sits on top of the side table next to the couch and I look over at it and touch it a lot. (It needs to be dusted too, so maybe I'll do that this Friday night).

Here's an updated shot of my nighstand, which I hate less now than I did before.

And here are some pics of the sunset from our window one beautiful summer night.

And here's a shot showing how crowded it was downtown on the night of the fireworks.

And the Target Fireworks from our couch!

And then some more daytime scenes from our living room.

And a storm coming!

Storms are actually really scary in our apartment.  Sometimes I just wait for the windows to fly out and to be sucked up in a jet stream.  Other than that, windows for walls are great!

Thanks for looking at my pics!  Come back tomorrow when I'll show you my recently made terrarium.


  1. omg i love that you color coordinated your bookshelf... i think i'm going to do that to mine now!

    you guys also have a spectacular view. we get the sunrise, but i'm never up early enough to actually see it :)

    1. Ha! I love it! Be sure to share a pic : )

      I feel you on the sunrise thing. I keep telling myself I need to wake up at dawn and go to the river to take some pics, but like you, I can't seem to wake up : )

  2. I adore that red hutch piece! Beautiful space you've created for you two!